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App that Could Save Your Life

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When it’s as serious as life and death, you know it’s no game. That’s what the app Vital ICE is, and this simple, free download, could very well save your life.
Heritage Funeral Home owner Sammy Callahan said he highly recommends the app. In any emergency situation, EMS and First Responders play a critical role in life-threatening emergency situations. “Any medical information for the patient that can be provided to them upon their arrival increases the odds of a more favorable outcome. Time saves lives, and Vital ICE saves time.”
According to the website, individual confidential medical information is exclusively stored on the owner’s mobile device and is not able to be viewed or stored by the company or its affiliates.
Vital ICE provides a platform on which to list your vital medical information, such as blood type, allergies, medications, medical history, ICE (in case of emergency) contacts, and much more. This information will then be readily available to EMS and other First Responders when they need it most.
Standard features include, but are not limited to:
• Vital medical information and photos for you and up to 8 dependents
• Email your information to any email address (hospital, physician, or other recipient)
• List of emergency (ICE) contacts
• List of physician contacts (as well as pediatricians and OBGYN when applicable)
• First aid protocol for 16 medical emergencies, when medical help is unavailable
• Record and save a voice overview of your medical information, which can further assist EMS
• Call 911 directly within app, saving time in emergency situations
• Sound an audible alarm to alert first responders to your location
• Receive alerts and notices from local first responders (if a participating organization’s key code is entered)
• Backup / Restore data from your personal Dropbox account (free and easy setup if you do not already have an account)
• Send a group text to up to 10 emergency contacts notifying them of your emergency along with your map location – a mobile life alert system.
• Create a custom wallpaper/lock screen image with your vital information listed on the sides, which can provide first responders with some information if your device is locked
• Medication, immunization, and physician appointment reminders helps keep your medical schedule organized
• Attach photos of current insurance cards, stored in one convenient location, for medical staff to quickly access
Protect yourself and your family by downloading this free In Case of Emergency app today. It is available on both iTunes and Google Play.

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