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Carpenter Serves as Scott County’s First Female Deputy

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Kandis Carpenter, 49, was recently sworn in and became the first female deputy to serve in Scott County. She admits, however, if you were to have asked her six years ago, this would not have been the job she thought she’d be doing. She comes from a Law Enforcement family, and it has greatly influenced her.
Carpenter is the daughter of Don and Lucille Carpenter. She has three sons, Myk, Grant and Weston Vanravensway, two daughter-in-laws, Madison and Brooklyn VanRavensway, and three grandchildren, Kavan, London and Jensen. Her brother, Cody Carpenter, served as the Sheriff for Scott County from 2004 until 2013. Cody died while trying to save two women from rising flood waters. Undoubtedly the greatest sacrifice any man can make, and he will forever be esteemed as a hero.
“I had actually been accepted into nursing school prior to my brother’s death.” Carpenter explained. “I started in August and just couldn’t do it. They were offering a reserve class and I asked if I could take it. Chief David Millard and Captain Jeremy Hunt both agreed I could. After completing the reserve class, I learned that my brother had actually been planning on helping teach it before he passed away. Once I started reserving I just really started liking it. I know that I can’t help everyone like in the medical field but I can help some. I have a passion with helping our community and as a deputy you are sworn to protect and to serve.”
A Waldron High School alumna, Carpenter holds an Associates of Arts degree from Rich Mountain and a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from Arkansas Tech University. She began working as a reserve officer for the Waldron Police Department, and in February 2018, applied for an opening within the Scott County Sheriff’s Office. After being hired, Carpenter went on to the Academy and graduated on November 16, 2018.
“The guys I work with are great,” added Carpenter. “I just have come to terms with everyone has their way of policing and their way may not work for me and I have to develop my own way. Which is great because it would be boring if we were all identical. Some are better in different areas than others and that is what makes us unique because in the end each personality is what makes a team.”
She says she plans to stay with the department until God opens a door somewhere else. “I just want the people to know that if they need me, I am here and will do the best I can to serve them. I would like to thank, Randy Shores for hiring me and giving me a chance. I would also like to thank Mayor David Millard and Jeremy Hunt for taking the chance and giving me a shot in the reserve class. My family and friends, I love you all big and could have never made it without you.”
Congratulations to Carpenter on this monumental achievement!

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