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Casey’s General Store #3690 UPDATE

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You probably haven’t heard much information about the Casey’s General Store that is set to open in 2018 in Mansfield, Arkansas. Plans were released at the Mansfield City Council meeting months ago, but further information has been kept quiet.
We spoke to a company representative who stated that full store information will be released soon, and as they are, we’ll be updated with what this location will offer it’s consumers and the floor plan.
Casey’s Store #3690 is currently in the beginning stages of dirt work at 504 North 71. Exact location is show below.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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  1. You can thank the person in charge of the city for not revealing information about the The things coming to town he does not believe in sharing information with anybody that way he can pat himself on the back and say look what I have done for the town in reality he has destroyed our town if people in the town knew the extent of the cities operating systems there would be an immediate removal from office

  2. Rick, a lot of time the companies like Casey’s, Tractor Supply, The Dollar Tree requires the city planners to not reveal the intent to build in an area. This stops the real estate and other things from going up in price while they negotiate the project.

  3. Thank you Sunny!! There was nothing handled “behind the curtain”. The City Council handled this up front and out in the open (not the Mayor) Maybe more residents should attend the meetings. Besides, what are you griping about, Rick? This will certainly be an “improvement” to our city and to our tax base. I hope you are not one of those who want to keep everything “just as it was back in the 50’s”. Those days are GONE! Sour grapes and negative attitudes never accomplish anything except to cause division of the citizens.