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Coveted Bouquets Grown on Organic Farm Near Mansfield

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Something to Eat Farm, is a little gem tucked away on a quiet Scott County dirt road. Although the farm has humble roots, it has gained popularity over the years, and has yielded highly sought after farm goods.

Owners Bryson and Jill VanCleve started the farm in 2016 on about 20 acres of land. For the last four and a half years they have raised non-GMO vegetables, free of harmful chemicals and pesticides, as well as beautiful flowers for bouquets.

They have always taken great pride in their product, “everything is grown outside in rows, no greenhouses,” said Jill VanCleve. “Recently we made a decision to no longer grow veggies for the public, due to long, hot hours and at less than minimum wage. It took a toll on us, especially on Bryson.”

Byson, the head farmer, has faced heat exhaustion over the past few years, and battled subsequent health issues. “He is better now, thank God,” added Jill VanCleve, but this summer, after around 100 of our tomato plants died for no logical reason, he finally threw the towel in on veggie farming.”

The VanCleves are finishing out the season selling their beautiful flower bouquets and their remaining produce at both locations of Olde Fashioned Foods in Fort Smith. The couple have been vendors for years at the Fort Smith Farmers Market. It was there they developed a relationship with Olde Fashioned Foods. “Our Bouquets are especially popular with them. Recently, they sold out of our bouquets in less than 24 hours!”

Over the course of the past few years, the VanCleves have begun raising blueberry and blackberry plants. In fact, they are currently considering the possibility of a future “U-Pick.” Their recent certificate of nursery licensure from the Arkansas State Plant Board will allow them to sell blueberry plants locally.

Lastly, the local farmers have begun raising cattle and plan to add more next year.

No doubt Bryson and Jill have seen great success with their farming products, and are looking to build on that for the future. “Success is having your needs taken care of with food, water and shelter, and also time with the ones you love! Success is being able to stop and smell the roses and taking time daily to be thankful. For years we’d set a goal financially and something always happened where it didn’t work out. Now we are simply staying focused on the Call … What we are here for and Who are we serving. There is a really good Proverb that pretty much sums it up… “Better is a dinner of herbs where love is than a fatted calf with strife.” – Proverbs 15:17. If Love is in it, then we are too! We are thankful for all the farming education we have obtained through experience, the numerous relationships we have made and are excited for the journey ahead, with so much more to learn!”

If you are interested in learning more about Something to Eat Farm, or their farming products, you can contact them through their Facebook page. You can also text message them about their berry plants and flowers in season at 501-218-5478. They plan to launch a website in the near future at www.somethingtoeatfarm.com, where they will accept online orders for berry plants and naturally grown garlic seed bulbs.

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