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Diaper Bag Checklist

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Before I begin let me just say this is not the end all be all “everything you need” diaper bag checklist. This is absolutely my bare minimum list for leaving the house with 2 children. I have a three year old who is somewhat potty trained and an 8 month old. This is my list that works for me and if you are looking for ideas I think it will help you too! I also do not repack or go through it often. If the kids go up a size or I see we are out of diapers that’s when I will repack. However, I try to just periodically throw more diapers in to be safe.

A photo of (almost) everything we carry in our diaper bag!

1. Clothes- I have at least 4 things for each child- pants, long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt, and socks. Currently Jensen also has a sleeveless shirt, and since it is cold weather still both kids have jackets packed that will cycle out come late spring. I also have a hat that fits the baby.

2. Snacks, anything that’s portable and can last a while works. I keep 5-6, simply because I don’t want to have to worry about my bag every trip- I set it and forget it for a couple months at a time.

3. Entertainment- the baby is big on toys, my older boy is less so. We have board books so they are easy to disinfect. We also have a Water Wow book because the older one finds them fascinating. Plus a couple sheets of stickers and a coloring book to stick them on.

4. Diaper trash bags- these may not seem essential, but I’m not a fan of stinking up my loved ones houses with poop diapers. So if we are visiting someone I like to throw the stinky diapers in the green bags pictured that contains the smell. Dollar tree carries them and they are so helpful!

5. Feeding essentials- I have a little container for formula that I can premeasure formula into that makes it super easy to make bottles on the go. It is not pictured above. I also carry baby spoons, a mesh bag just in case, a real bib and a slew of disposable bibs. The disposable bibs and spoons are also Dollar Tree finds and great to have on hand! I also carry a bottle of water to make bottles or fill the water wow pen I mentioned.

6. Of course- diapers/pull ups and wipes. I also have an extra pair of undies for the big one. I keep them in a gallon zip lock bag because it makes them so much faster to grab when I’m trying to change a squirmy child.

I throw my car hand sanitizer in my bag anytime I am in a store or somewhere out and about, although I will likely add sanitizing wipes as soon as I can find some. Depending on where we are going I also grab some baby puffs as both kids enjoy them, but it’s not something I deem essential for every trip. I also don’t carry a changing pad, I have one that lives in my car. I do not change the boys in public bathrooms because of germs. However, a changing pad is always a good idea!

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