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Henson Pinned for 45 Years of Service with Post Office

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On Tuesday, August 27, 2019, Mansfield Post Office employee Richard Henson was pinned and honored for his 45 years of service.

Also present were former Postmaster Neil Jones, and several of Henson’s co-workers. District Manager David Camp commended Henson by stating “…I am pleased to recognize your accomplishment. The good reputation of the postal service depends on the loyal service of its employees and I thank you for your contributions throughout the years.”

In addition to the 45 year service pin, Henson was also honored with lunch, cake and cards. Henson responded with gratitude, “I want to give special thanks to all the wonderful employees that I work with for the surprise party, and to Neil Jones for being there.”

Henson has no plans to retire, however. He has become part of the daily lives of so many. His customers are delighted that they will be able to keep him around for a while longer!

Congratulations to Henson on this monumental achievement!

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