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Lady Hornets Take Flight On Senior Night

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The Hackett Sr High Lady Hornets took their second 3-0 conference win of the week when they hosted the West Fork Lady Tigers on Tuesday for Senior Night. The first win came from Monday when the girls took on Booneville. Tuesday’s game started off like any other. Both teams took turns attacking the net in the first set. Playing at an accelerated pace, each ace, kill, dig, and block that the Lady Hornets delivered was equally matched by the Lady Tigers. With determination in their eyes and sweat on their brows, Hackett and West Fork were each unwilling to bow out gracefully. When the first set ended with a score of 25-22 Hackett, the entire gym just knew they were in for an explosive evening.

But something unexpected happened in the second set. As the Lady Hornets geared up for another round of spikealogical warfare with the Lady Tigers, the atmosphere felt different. As with any volleyball match that Hackett engages in, they hit the court full force. While the Lady Hornets continued to fly higher and higher, it became apparent that West Fork was losing stamina. Unable to keep up, the Lady Tigers took possession of the second number in the score falling to the Lady Hornets 25-17. It was all or nothing when the third set rolled around. But by then, the Lady Hornets were nice and warmed up with only one possible outcome to the game. Complete and utter annihilation. Hackett took the third set of the match 25-10 upgrading their conference record to 6-1.

With plenty of “aces” in West Forks faces was Jamye Durham with 4, Kayla Richardson, Madeline Freeman, and Emma Infalt with 2 each, and Shayla Foster with 1. Not “killing” the Lady Tigers softly was Freeman with 13, Rain Vaughn and Durham with 6, Kandace Byrd with 5, and with 1 apiece, Kenadi Wright, Mackenzie Mendenhall, Madi Taylor, and Sarah Moss. Leaving Hackett fans telling opponents “Don’t knock em’ til you block em'” was Wright, Mendenhall, and Freeman with 1 block each. When you’re headed off to battle, it’s these ladies who will always be there to “assist” you. Taylor concluded with 13, Freeman with 10, Richardson, Byrd, and Infalt with 2 each, and Vaughn, Durham, and Foster with 1 apiece. What do you call a girl who is standing directly in the middle of the court? Annette. Leading with digs was Richardson and Byrd with 10, Freeman with 5, Foster with 4, Taylor and Vaughn with 3, and Durham with 2.

Coach Broc Adams had this to say about his seniors, “I don’t know that there are words to describe this group of volleyball seniors. To say I’m proud is an understatement and to just say they are good athletes isn’t a fair assessment! This group works harder, plays together better, and leads more than any group I’ve seen! They push each other non-stop and set the example for anyone else watching! They impress me more and more each day with how they get along and how positive/funny they are! This group is truly one of a kind and I will hate to see them go! However, they are amazing kids off the court also and I know that they will go on to do great things because of the support system and determination they all have, and it excites me to see where life leads them! Until that day though, I’m going to continue to enjoy watching them give everything they have and support each other on and off the court!”

Hackett Senior Lady Hornets:

Manager Faith Thomas

Team photos courtesy of Tanya White and senior pictures courtesy of Mandy Foster

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