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Must-Have Equipment That All Cattle Farmers Need

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Cows have been a large part of our society for hundreds of years. While their utilization on farms hasn’t changed much in that time, the gear we use to work with them has advanced. So, whether you’ve been caring for cattle most of your life or you’re relatively new to it, you should read on. We have a list of the must-have equipment that all cattle farmers need that might be useful to you.

Fire Fighting Gear

Our first suggestion is wise for farmers of all kinds to use. But it’s especially important for cattle farmers. To keep up with demand, you may have times when you place cows together in smaller areas. If a fire were to break out, they would have a tough time trying to escape the flames.

However, if you have some gear to fight this potential disaster, such as sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers, you can stop the blaze before it gets out of hand. Granted, you won’t need a whole arsenal. Only enough to stamp out smaller blazes. You should always leave large fires to the professionals.

First Aid Kits

In the same vein, you should always keep animal first aid kits on hand at your farm. Some injuries might need immediate medical attention, and veterinarians can’t always rush out right away to treat your injured cow. While there will be specific problems you won’t be able to deal with on your own, small-scale injuries will be no sweat with the proper gear stocked up. Plus, not having to call them out will save you lots of money in the long run.

A Livestock Scale

Knowing the weight of your livestock is a vital part of farming, especially if your cattle will one day become food. While you might already have a working scale, you should still consider this piece of equipment. This is because there are so many high-tech options out there that not many farmers know about.

Once you find a new one you like, you’ll want to make sure you do everything necessary to get the most out of your livestock scale. Buying a modern scale won’t do your farm any good if you don’t use it properly.

A Pickup Truck

No one can overstate how helpful a pickup truck is in this line of work. Yet some farmers out there still don’t own one. That’s why we’ve saved it for last in our list of the must-have equipment that all cattle farmers need. Not only will you easily be able to tow your livestock trailer with a truck, but you’ll be able to effortlessly tow other large farming equipment around your property without an issue.

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