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Strike Up The Band & Join The Chorus!

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It’s no secret that Mansfield Public School systems will have a lot of new faces in the buildings this coming August. The district has had to hire several new teachers, coaches, a principal, and a superintendent. Within these recent changes, Mansfield School District will also be adding a new Band Director and Choir Teacher.

Mansfield School Board hired Michael Parker, of Fort Smith, as the new Mansfield Band Director for Senior and Junior High Band. Parker will also be teaching Music Appreciation at the High School as well as General Music at the Middle School. Parker grew up in Alma, but he has taught at Heavener, Oklahoma for the past seven years. He is excited for this new adventure coming to Mansfield. He has a bachelors degree in Music Education and a Masters in Instrumental Conducting.

Parker recalls he was in 6th Grade Beginning Band when he first learned to play an instrument (clarinet), and since then he has always had a love for music. He loves to collect movie score soundtracks CDs, but when asked what his favorite song/artist/instrument was, he replied, “Way too many to choose from.” When we asked Mr. Parker what he was most excited about in coming to Mansfield schools, he told us, “Getting to know the students!” We also asked him if he had any goals for the Mansfield Band, and he replied, “The only goals that really matter are making great music and growing in our musical abilities.” Mr. Parker said, “For any student not currently in band and want to join, contact me and we will set up a time to meet. I happily teach students after school to catch them up.” Mansfield Band students have already begun practicing for this Football Season’s halftime show! It should be an exciting season for all!

Band director for Mansfield-Mansfield Senior High Band, Mansfield Junior High Band-Mansfield Schools
Welcome to Mansfield, Mr. Michael Parker!

Mansfield School District also hired Kimberly Boyd, of Mansfield, as the new Senior and Junior High Choir Director. Boyd will also be teaching General Music for the Elementary. Boyd is originally a native of Booneville, but upon marrying she moved to Mansfield over twelve years ago which is now considered home to her. She has been a substitute teacher for the past ten years for the Mansfield School District as well as an employee for Resident Press. Mrs. Boyd has a bachelors of General Studies with a primary emphasis in English Education and a secondary emphasis in Anthropology. She also holds an Associates of Arts degree. She has also worked for the past twenty years in church music ministry where she has also given private vocal and piano lessons. Boyd is passionate about music and loves kids!

When we asked Boyd if she remembered the first time she performed or sang in front of a crowd, she couldn’t quite remember. She replied, “I’ve been singing all my life. I can remember as a little girl singing with my Momma in church.” However, she was in 5th grade when she began learning to play the piano. “Now, that took some time! I remember always begging my Momma for a piano, but we just didn’t have the money. One Christmas, someone gave my Grandma a piano, so she in turn gave it to me. I’ll never forget my Momma hollering, ‘put your foot on the quiet pedal, Kimberly!’ I was always banging on that thing and pretending I knew exactly what I was doing!” We asked Boyd what her hobbies were, and she replied, “Family! I am big on family. I think it is so important. We have four kids, and we try to have dinner at the table every night. I love to cook and write short stories about my kids. Our family is loud, and we all love music so you can just imagine what that’s like with all of us together. My husband is a drummer and I’m a pianist, so there is a constant flow of music within our house.” When we asked Boyd what she is most excited about in joining the Mansfield School District and what her goals were for Choir and the Elementary students are, she replied, “I just feel so blessed for this opportunity. I’m excited to teach something that I truly love. I can’t wait to see a child’s face light up with a smile the first time they accomplish playing a drum, xylophone, or recorder! Everything about music is wonderful! I am excited to meet the students in all the schools, help them grow in their musical and vocal abilities, and build a wonderful Mansfield High and Junior High Choir Program as well as a great musical program for the Elementary! My main goal is to find laughter in teaching, share my love for music, and hope the kids find passion for music as well.” Mrs. Boyd also wanted to add, “If any student is interested in choir, she would love to have them aboard! We are in desperate need of Senior High Choir members this year. Please call the high school or meet with Mrs. Duval, so the school can get you registered.”

Choir-MHS choir-MMS Choir- Mansfield Public Schools
Welcome Mrs. Kimberly Boyd!

On behalf of Resident Press and citizens of Mansfield, we would like to welcome Mr. Parker and Mrs. Boyd to Mansfield Schools! We are excited to see these programs within our schools take off. Please come out and support our band and choir members at the Mansfield Tigers Football games as well as their concerts.

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