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Monday, August 15, 2022

Treated Good in the Neighborhood!

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As the Greenwood Resident works to establish solid relationships within the city, both Jason Baggett, Owner/Publisher and myself had the priviledge of sitting down and visiting with Mayor Doug Kinslow on Thursday, December 12.

It is always an exciting part of the job, meeting new people, facing new challenges and earning the trust that yields the type of news coverage that people hunger for.

That journey began today. And, I must admit I was skeptical when it came to covering the area. Any doubt I had was laid to rest today. Mayor Kinslow, his Executive Assistant Danielle Smith and Parks Director Tammy Briley are some of the most accommodating people I’ve ever had the priviledge of meeting.

So as we continue to work towards a dedicated publication for the Greenwood area, we pledge to provide original content, while working to maintain valued trust and have a presence within your hometown.

We look forward to being a part of your neighborhood, and thank you for your warm, welcoming hospitality!

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Tammy Teague
Tammy is the heart behind the brand. Her tenacity to curate authentic journalism, supported by a genuine heart is one her many wholesome qualities.
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  1. I’m so excited to see what you guys bring to Greenwood. I’ve followed you on your other site and I know what a great job you do. Welcome to Greenwood!

  2. Jason Baggett and his staff have completely and totally renewed our faith in news / sports coverage. What they do and how they do it is from the heart.

    Heads up Greenwood, you wil love what they do!!!!

    News – you’ll see them in a tangible and approachable manner. Unbiased news with no shortcuts. You will LOVE Tammy.

    Sports – they’re student athlete focused and are well respected by coaches,parents and students.

    Everything else is just icing on the cake.