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Booneville Farmer Harvesting the Dream

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The old saying is, farming is a profession of love, that the dirt doesn’t stain the hands, but rather runs in the blood. Farmers operate generation to generation and pass down this labor of love. One of those farmers, Glen Holt from Booneville.

Glen and his wife, Jessica, got their start in the poultry business in 2005 with four broiler houses. Four years later, they sold those houses and built four breeder houses. The couple and their family continue to manage those breeder houses and maintain a cow/calf operation.

“We gather over 11 million eggs a year,” shared Holt. “We supply approximately 70 million pounds of poultry back into our food chain each year.”

Holt, who was born and raised in Booneville, never wanted to live or work anywhere else. He was determined to make a living in his hometown.

He recalled his younger days on a farm. “As a kid my uncle had a farm and I loved being out there as much as possible. The smells, the sounds, the work; I loved it all. I’d often go to the feed stores with my dad and uncle Floyd. I’d walk around the warehouse smelling all the feeds and was mesmerized by all the different kinds.”

Holt confessed that early on he knew he wanted to own and operate his own feedstore. And that childhood dream, unbeknownst to him, was to become a reality. “A few years ago, while in the feedstore I asked Bradley (former owner) if he was ready to slow down and sell me the store. He replied, ‘not yet I’ve still got a few years left!’ I didn’t think much about it after that. Then this spring I got a call from Bradley, and he said ‘Glen, I’m ready to retire. You have first shot if you still want it.'”

He recognized the honesty and loyalty of the former owner, noting that he and his brother, Herbert, are highly regarded. The former owner recalled Holt asking about the feed store years earlier. “Bradley and I have fished in same bass club for years and my family and I were in the store every week getting something. We had developed a great relationship over the years.”

Holt and his wife took to prayer before making the big decision to purchase the feed store. “We already work seven days a week, yearlong and I wasn’t sure we could do it,” added Holt. “Jessica knew I always wanted a feedstore and she loved the idea. I couldn’t have created a better wife than Jessica. She’s a very hard worker, great wife, mother and very supportive.”

Putting their faith in action through prayer proved fruitful as things fell in place on their farm and confirmed their decision to purchase the feed store. Their five children, Madison, 20, Clayton, 16, Kaity, 13, Charolette, 12, and Harrison, 3, all assist within the family’s business. Holt credited his family and their support, noting, “there’s no way I could’ve have gotten where I am without very supportive parents, Edgar and Norma Holt, and my uncle Floyd Parnell. They’ll never know how much they’ve help make my dreams as a kid come true.”

“We are super excited about the opportunity and are motivated to keep building on what Bradley has already built over the years,” concluded Holt. We are not doing away with anything, just adding a few things our area hasn’t had in many years. It will be the same store, same quality feed, same friendly service; just different faces. We will continue selling Big V, Oakley, and Powell Feeds. We will continue selling bulk feed from our location. We are like any feedstore. We’ll have anything and everything you need to have happy, healthy animals. If we don’t have, we’ll get it.”

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