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City to Host Town Hall to Discuss Proposed RV Park


The Mansfield City Council met in regular session on Thursday evening, March 21 at 6 p.m. Members of the council present included James Steele, Glen Hurt, Beverly Lyons, and Sheri Hopkins. Also present, Mayor Buddy Black, Recorder/Treasurer Becky Walker, and City Attorney Travis Plummer. Council members Julie Thomas and Boyd Farmer were not present.

After approving the minutes and financial reports from previous meetings, the council heard the city services reports.

Fire Chief Michael Smith reported a total of 31 calls for the month, four fire and 27 EMS. Additionally, that the new sirens had been installed and that he was still waiting for the solar panels to be installed to have the system fully operational via radio. Until that time, the system can still be used manually. Lastly, Smith noted the preparations being done for the upcoming solar eclipse event.

Police Chief Wayne Robb reported 42 total calls, eight agency assists, two total school calls, seven medical calls, 10 total incident and arrest reports, two accident reports, one DWI arrest, two drug arrests, seven adult arrests, two juvenile arrests and two animal calls. His department had a total of three training hours.

Mayor Black read aloud the public works department report, which included 141 service orders completed, 111 One Call requests completed, two leaks repaired on the main line of Hub Brooks Rd., and a main line and service line repaired on Franklin St. The report also reflected that the department had filled multiple potholes and cut and patched other areas, and that work on the streets was ongoing. Additionally, the aerator pumps at the sewer plant had been installed, two manholes had been repaired, new sensors and telemetry equipment had been installed, and a new water/trash pump and service line puller had been purchased to aid in water line repair. Lastly the report stated that both trash trucks were up and running again.

City Attorney Travis Plummer relayed to the council that he had heard from State Representative Marcus Richmond regarding a city official receiving pay from two different offices but is waiting on a ruling from the attorney general’s office.

In matters of unfinished business, the council discussed allowing the RV park proposed at the intersection of N. Caldwell and E. Center St., adjacent to the Mansfield Elementary School. “It is not prudent or wise to approve that RV park so close to a school zone,” stated Steele. “I agree,” responded Hopkins, “there are kids that walk that way home, and I just don’t feel like the location is good.” Lyons proposed a meeting with the members of the community to receive their input on the proposed RV park. “We are here to represent the people, and I have had some tell me they are for it, and others against it. Why don’t we have a meeting so they can come and give their input.” Mayor Black summed that he would work to secure a date and time to hold a town hall meeting on the proposal.

In items of new business, the council voted to allow the public works employees to brush hog the outer perimeter of the Johnny Cake Baseball Fields during the 2024 season. Additionally, the council approved an ordinance regarding meter box replacement.

In the last item of new business, the addition of a new member of the volunteer fire department. The council voted unanimously to approve John Cochran as a new fire fighter.

In comments and announcements, Mayor Black reminded everyone of the upcoming citywide cleanup dates, and the solar eclipse festival, planned for April 6.

With no other items of business remaining on the agenda, the meeting of the Mansfield City Council was adjourned.

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