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Fermented Honey Garlic

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It seems like cold and flu season is pretty much year round the last few years. But with fall weather on the way it’s sure to ramp up even worse than it has been with lots of sickness going around! One of the best ways to combat sickness is to boost immunity in the first place!

Honey and garlic has to be one of the easiest homemade concoctions for immunity help! Garlic is known as an immune booster and honey is high in antioxidants. The combination gives a sweet taste to something otherwise a little unpalatable The honey sweetens and mellows the garlic! 

Getting started

Grab some garlic cloves and raw honey, if you can find local raw honey that’s the best but store bought is just fine! Local honey is great for help with seasonal allergy symptoms! Place garlic in a jar and cover completely with honey. The garlic can go in whole or diced, it’s all personal preference. The combination is going to ferment, which means it needs burped once a day for the first week, then every other day for an additional week. I flipped mine over daily to keep the garlic covered. After two weeks I placed mine in the fridge. I’ve also seen some people leave it on the counter for a full month, so either or. 

How to use

Take one spoonful of honey once a week, or even once a day if you feel inclined. Eat a garlic clove in the spoonful when sick to further boost immunity! Additionally this could be used in cooking to get the benefits without eating straight; think dressings or marinades!

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Madison VanRavensway
Madison VanRavensway
Don't let her quiet nature fool you. Madison is a force to be reckoned with in the outdoors, or creating amazing recipes from scratch.
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