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Filing Period Ends for Preferential Primary

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The filing period for the preferential primary to be held in May 2022 ended on Tuesday, March 1. The following candidates will be on the ballot:

County Clerk
Sharon Brooks County Clerk / Recorder – Republican

Circuit Clerk
Marcus W Phillips – Republican
Susie Hassett – Republican

County Judge
Steve Hotz – Treasurer/Collector – Republican
Denny Altes – Republican
Jeff Turner – Republican County

Charity Gregory – Republican
Lora Rice – Republican
Ken Blevins – Republican

County Assessor
Zach Johnson – Assessor – Republican County

Sheriff Hobe Runion III – Republican

County Coroner
Kenny Hobbs Coroner – Republican

Justice of the Peace
Justice of the Peace Dist 1
JP 1 Johnny Hobbs – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 2
Jackie C. Davis – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 3
Shawn Looper – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 4
J.P. 4 James W Butler – Republican
Jeremy Ibison – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 5
J.P. 5 John Spradlin – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 6
J.P. Danny Aldridge – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 7
Kenneth Williamson – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 8
Valeria J. Robinson – Democratic
Justice of the Peace Dist 9
JP Rhonda Royal – Democrat
Justice of the Peace Dist 10
J.P. Dickie L. Robertson – Democratic
James C. Higginbotham – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 11
Linda Willsey Murry – Democrat
Zach Mulson – Libertarian
Gerry Ward – Democratic
Justice of the Peace Dist 12
Tommy Camp – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 13
JP #13 Lorrie A Glidewell Runion – Republican

Upper Township:
Constable Paul Foley- Republican
Township 1:
Charlie Carpenter – Republican
Township 2:
Cleason H Cotton Jr – Republican
Steve Wiley – Republican
Township 3:
Jim Carter – Republican
Township 4:
Constable William Justin Hayes – Republican

School Candidate
Greenwood School District:
Stephanie Griffith, zone 1; Todd Hales, zone 5; Brad Johnson, zone 7; Clifton “Cliff” James, zone 2; Bradley Kremers, zone 6; Brian Jones, zone 2; Elysa Turner, zone 3; Kelli Griffith Henning zone, 6; Tara Kappler, zone 4; Lydia Trieu Whetstone, zone 5; Greg Hasley zone 4; Jamie Brown, zone 1.

Lavaca District:
Craig Carter, zone 3; Tyler Daniels, zone 2; Amy Green, zone 4; Perry Newman, zone 1; Darren Smithson, zone 5; Amanda Hall, zone 2;

Mansfield District:
Lesli Baggett, zone 2; Steve E Hattabaugh, zone 4; Rick Nicodemus, zone 5.


County Judge
Sheri Thompson – Republican
Brian Jones – Republican
Brad Evans – Independent

County Clerk
Tracy McPherson – Independent

County Assessor
Incumbent Terri Churchill – Independent

County Treasurer
Incumbent Teresa Scantling – Independent

Incumbent Sheriff Randy Shores – Independent
Clint McPherson – Republican
Tim Starr – Independent


JP District 1

JP District 2
Incumbent Melvin “Dee” Parker – Independent

JP District 3
Leonard Russell – Independent

JP District 4
Incumbent Linda Vaughn – Independent
Jeffery Gilbert – Independent

JP District 5
Incumbent Tom Wagner – Democrat
Jamie Lynn Goff – Independent

JP District 6
Tommy Roberson – Independent

JP District 7
John E. Luttrell – Republican

JP District 8

JP District 9
Larry (PeeWee) Russell – Independent

Constable Mill Creek:
Incumbent Gary House – Independent
Constable Mountain:
Constable Mt. Pleasant:
Incumbent Mike House – Independent
Constable Parks:
Jimmy Atchley – Independent
Constable Tate:
Constable Tomlinson:

School Board
Waldron School District Zone 1:
Konner McKay

State Candidate Information 2022 Preferential Primary and Nonpartisan Judicial General Election

NamePositionPartyFiling Date
Court of Appeals Judge Raymond R AbramsonCourt of Appeals Associate Judge District 01, Position 01Non Partisan Judicial02/23/2022
Brandon AchorState Representative District 71Republican02/22/2022
William AlcottState Representative District 59Democratic02/28/2022
Judge Tonya AlexanderCircuit Judge, District 02, Division 06, Subdistrict 2.1Non Partisan Judicial02/23/2022
Representative Fred AllenState Representative District 77Democratic02/25/2022
Gabriel AndreucettiState Senate District 26Libertarian02/28/2022
Wade AndrewsState Representative District 98Republican02/22/2022
Diamond Arnold-JohnsonAuditor of StateDemocratic03/01/2022
Max AveryState Representative District 49Republican02/22/2022
Brian AyersState Representative District 06Republican02/28/2022
Supreme Court Justice Karen BakerState Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 6Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Senator Bob BallingerState Senate District 28Republican02/22/2022
David BarberState Senate District 17Democratic02/22/2022
State Representative Sonia BarkerState Representative District 96Republican02/22/2022
Ethan J. BarnesState Senate District 22Republican03/01/2022
Lincoln E. BarnettState Representative District 63Democratic02/28/2022
Shawn BatesState Representative District 46Republican02/28/2022
Representative Howard M. Beaty, Jr.State Representative District 95Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Rick BeckState Representative District 43Republican02/22/2022
Senator Charles BeckhamState Senate District 03Republican02/22/2022
Wayne Reginald BeechState Representative District 62Republican02/25/2022
Chris BellerState Representative District 28Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Mary BentleyState Representative District 54Republican02/22/2022
Chris BequetteLieutenant GovernorRepublican02/28/2022
Jake BequetteU.S. SenateRepublican02/22/2022
Rep. Mark H. BerryState Representative District 26Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Stan BerryState Representative District 44Republican02/22/2022
Robert BetzoldState Representative District 68Libertarian02/22/2022
Richard BillingsleyState Representative District 19Democratic02/28/2022
Tim BlairProsecuting Attorney, District 11-EastNon Partisan Judicial01/07/2022
Max BlakeState Representative District 48Republican02/22/2022
Anthony “Tony” BlandGovernorDemocratic02/24/2022
Greg BlandState Representative District 52Republican02/25/2022
Shannon L. BlattCircuit Judge, District 12, Division 03Non Partisan Judicial01/03/2022
Greg BledsoeLieutenant GovernorRepublican02/22/2022
Wes BookerState Representative District 71Republican02/22/2022
Senator John BoozmanU.S. SenateRepublican02/25/2022
State Representative Justin BoydState Senate District 27Republican02/22/2022
Mosemarie Dora BoydProsecuting Attorney, District 12Non Partisan Judicial03/01/2022
Jana BradfordProsecuting Attorney, District 09-WestNon Partisan Judicial01/05/2022
State Representative Harlan BreauxState Representative District 06Republican02/22/2022
Representative Keith BrooksState Representative District 78Republican02/22/2022
Representative Karilyn BrownState Representative District 67Republican02/22/2022
Justice of the Peace Matt BrownState Representative District 55Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Joshua BryantState Senate District 32Republican02/22/2022
Tom BryantState Representative District 03Republican02/28/2022
Mickey BuchananProsecuting Attorney, District 09-WestNon Partisan Judicial01/05/2022
Denise BugosState Representative District 13Republican02/22/2022
Walter BurgessState Representative District 81Republican02/22/2022
James BurkState Senate District 18Libertarian02/25/2022
Rebecca BurkesState Representative District 11Republican02/22/2022
Debra Wood BuschmanProsecuting Attorney, District 18-WestNon Partisan Judicial01/06/2022
Aaron A. CagleState Representative District 93Libertarian02/22/2022
Senator Ronald CaldwellState Senate District 10Republican02/22/2022
Beth CallawayState Senate District 02Republican02/25/2022
Stacey CaplenerState Representative District 40Republican02/23/2022
Judge Chris CarnahanState Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 2Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Jodi G.CarneyState District Judge District 10Non Partisan Judicial02/28/2022
Joey CarrState Representative District 34Republican02/22/2022
State Representative John P. CarrState Representative District 15Republican02/22/2022
Nick CartwrightState Senate District 18Democratic02/28/2022
Judge Stephanie CasadyCourt of Appeals Associate Judge District 06, Position 02Non Partisan Judicial01/03/2022
Kenneth CatesU.S. SenateLibertarian02/25/2022
John Wayne CatlettState Representative District 52Independent02/25/2022
Representative Fran CavenaughState Representative District 30Republican02/22/2022
Senator Linda Pondexter ChesterfieldState Senate District 12Democratic02/22/2022
State Representative Craig ChristiansenState Representative District 39Republican02/22/2022
Mayor Peter ChristieState Senate District 34Republican02/23/2022
State Senator Alan ClarkState Senate District 07Republican02/22/2022
Hilary Grace CleaverState Representative District 05Independent02/22/2022
Representative Nicole ClowneyState Representative District 21Democratic02/22/2022
Stephen CogerProsecuting Attorney, District 04Non Partisan Judicial01/07/2022
Representative Andrew CollinsState Representative District 73Democratic02/22/2022
Ollie CollinsState Representative District 34Democratic02/23/2022
Paul Colvin, Jr.State Senate District 31Republican02/28/2022
Teresa A. Coney, Justice of the PeaceState Representative District 79Democratic02/25/2022
Cara ConnorsCircuit Judge, District 06, Division 12, Subdistrict 6.1Non Partisan Judicial01/07/2022
Representative Cameron CooperState Representative District 57Republican02/22/2022
Dorothy Dyson CooperState Senate District 09Democratic02/28/2022
Chris P. CorbittState Representative District 55Republican02/23/2022
Jannie M. CottonState Representative District 67Democratic02/22/2022
Rachel CoxState Representative District 15Democratic02/22/2022
State Representative Bruce CozartState Representative District 91Republican02/22/2022
Representative Cindy CrawfordState Representative District 51Republican02/22/2022
Congressman Rick CrawfordU.S. Congress District 01Republican02/25/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Carol CrewsProsecuting Attorney, District 20Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Alderman Steve CrowellState Senate District 03Republican02/28/2022
Zachary A. CulpState Representative District 69Democratic02/25/2022
State Representative Carol DalbyState Representative District 100Republican02/22/2022
Roger B. DaughertyU.S. Congress District 01Independent03/01/2022
State Senator Breanne DavisState Senate District 25Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Marsh DavisState Representative District 02Republican02/22/2022
Shantella Shantel DavisState Representative District 58Democratic02/28/2022
Tyler DeesState Senate District 35Republican02/28/2022
Judge Gunner DeLayState Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 6Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
J.P. DeVilliersState Senate District 34Libertarian02/22/2022
David DinwiddieState Senate District 08Libertarian02/23/2022
Senator Jonathan DismangState Senate District 18Republican02/23/2022
Mayor Steve DixonState Representative District 01Republican02/25/2022
State Representative Jim DotsonState Senate District 34Republican02/22/2022
Matt DuffieldState Representative District 53Republican02/22/2022
Hope Hendren DukeState Representative District 12Republican02/22/2022
Wade DunnState Representative District 47Republican02/22/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Matt DurrettProsecuting Attorney, District 04Non Partisan Judicial02/23/2022
Brian EatonState Representative District 14Democratic03/01/2022
State Representative Les EavesState Representative District 58Republican02/22/2022
Demetria L. EdwardsCircuit Judge, District 10, Division 04, Subdistrict 10.1Non Partisan Judicial01/03/2022
Stephen EdwardsState Representative District 50Libertarian02/22/2022
Tom ElwoodState Representative District 32Republican02/28/2022
Bruce EmersonState Representative District 04Republican03/01/2022
Senator Jane EnglishState Senate District 13Republican02/22/2022
State Rep. Denise EnnettState Representative District 80Democratic02/22/2022
Prosecuting Attorney David L EthredgeProsecuting Attorney, District 14Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
State Representative Jon S. EubanksState Representative District 46Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Brian S. EvansState Representative District 68Republican02/22/2022
Robert FairState Representative District 11Republican02/28/2022
Kellee Mitchell FarrisState Representative District 62Democratic02/28/2022
Representative Deborah FergusonState Representative District 63Democratic02/22/2022
Representative Ken FergusonState Representative District 64Democratic02/22/2022
State Representative David FieldingState Representative District 98Democratic02/22/2022
State Representative Charlene FiteState Representative District 24Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Lanny FiteState Representative District 83Republican02/22/2022
Edward M. Flanigan, IIIState Representative District 41Libertarian02/22/2022
Senator Scott FlippoState Senate District 23Republican02/22/2022
Senator Stephanie FlowersState Senate District 08Democratic02/22/2022
Representative Vivian FlowersState Representative District 65Democratic02/28/2022
Alan FloydState Representative District 90Republican02/23/2022
Sonia FonticiellaProsecuting Attorney, District 02Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Representative Jack FortnerState Representative District 04Republican02/22/2022
Jack E FosterU.S. SenateDemocratic02/22/2022
Judge Teresa FrenchCircuit Judge, District 10, Division 05, At LargeNon Partisan Judicial01/05/2022
Terry FullerState Senate District 09Republican02/25/2022
Representative Tony FurmanState Representative District 82Republican02/22/2022
Darlene Goldi GainesCommissioner of State LandsDemocratic02/22/2022
Richard “Nap” GantU.S. SenateWrite-In02/28/2022
Representative Denise GarnerState Representative District 20Democratic02/22/2022
James GarnerU.S. SenateWrite-In03/01/2022
State Representative Jimmy GazawayState Representative District 31Republican02/25/2022
Jesse GibsonAttorney GeneralDemocratic02/22/2022
Frank GilbertLieutenant GovernorLibertarian02/22/2022
D. Michael GillState Representative District 12Libertarian02/22/2022
Senator Ben GilmoreState Senate District 01Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Justin GonzalesState Representative District 89Republican02/22/2022
Lonny M. GoodwinState Senate District 04Independent02/23/2022
Anna Beth GormanSecretary of StateDemocratic02/28/2022
Chuck GrahamProsecuting Attorney, District 23Non Partisan Judicial01/05/2022
Judge David GrahamCircuit Judge, District 13, Division 01Non Partisan Judicial01/03/2022
Zack GramlichState Representative District 50Republican02/22/2022
Paul GreenState Representative District 99Libertarian02/22/2022
Judge Robert GriffinState Representative District 39Republican02/22/2022
Lieutenant Governor Tim GriffinAttorney GeneralRepublican02/23/2022
Chester GriffithState Representative District 88Libertarian02/28/2022
Charles GuidryState Senate District 15Libertarian02/22/2022
Judge Alex GuynnCircuit Judge, District 11-West, Division 01, Subdistrict 11.1Non Partisan Judicial01/03/2022
Rep. Delia HaakState Representative District 17Republican02/22/2022
Ben HaleProsecuting Attorney, District 08-NorthNon Partisan Judicial01/06/2022
Clayton HallState Representative District 39Libertarian02/22/2022
Jim A. HallState Representative District 05Independent02/22/2022
State Senator Kim HammerState Senate District 16Republican02/24/2022
Ryan HansonState Representative District 23Libertarian02/28/2022
Councilman Rick HarrellState Senate District 25Republican02/22/2022
Ricky Dale Harrington, Jr.GovernorLibertarian02/22/2022
Jackie HarrisCircuit Judge, District 11-West, Division 04, Subdistrict 11.1Non Partisan Judicial01/05/2022
Jody L. HarrisState Representative District 25Republican02/25/2022
Sandra Young HarrisCircuit Judge, District 11-West, Division 04, Subdistrict 11.1Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Cliff HartState Senate District 10Democratic02/22/2022
Quintessa HathawayU.S. Congress District 02Democratic02/23/2022
Councilman RJ HawkState Representative District 81Republican02/22/2022
Representative Spencer HawksState Senate District 17Republican02/22/2022
Chris HayesState Representative District 92Libertarian02/22/2022
Howard HeffingtonState Representative District 56Libertarian02/22/2022
Annie Powell HendricksCircuit Judge, District 12, Division 02Non Partisan Judicial01/03/2022
Rey HernandezState Representative District 11Democratic02/22/2022
State Senator Bart HesterState Senate District 33Republican02/22/2022
Brian HesterState Representative District 22Republican02/22/2022
Roy L. HesterState Senate District 26Republican03/01/2022
Senator Jimmy Hickey, JRState Senate District 04Republican02/22/2022
Congressman French HillU.S. Congress District 02Republican02/22/2022
Senator Ricky HillState Senate District 11Republican02/22/2022
Representative David HillmanState Representative District 61Republican02/28/2022
Curtis HittState Senate District 21Republican02/25/2022
Court of Appeals Judge Kenneth S. HixsonCourt of Appeals Associate Judge District 03, Position 02Non Partisan Judicial02/28/2022
DeAnna HodgesState Representative District 09Republican02/28/2022
Grant HodgesState Representative District 14Republican02/22/2022
Representative Monte HodgesU.S. Congress District 01Democratic02/22/2022
Representative Mike HolcombState Representative District 93Republican02/22/2022
Devon HolderProsecuting Attorney, District 03Non Partisan Judicial01/03/2022
Alfred Jefferson Holland IIIState Senate District 21Libertarian02/22/2022
Representative Steve HollowellState Representative District 37Republican02/22/2022
Kevin R HolmesProsecuting Attorney, District 21Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
LaTonya Austin HonorableCircuit Judge, District 06, Division 05, Subdistrict 6.1Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Risie R HowardCircuit Judge, District 11-West, Division 04, Subdistrict 11.1Non Partisan Judicial02/23/2022
David J. HowellState Representative District 53Republican02/22/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Teresa HowellProsecuting Attorney, District 07Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Derek HuberState Senate District 23Democratic02/22/2022
Joshua Michael HuckabaState Representative District 57Libertarian02/22/2022
Rep. Ashley HudsonState Representative District 75Democratic02/22/2022
Prosecuting Attorney S. Kyle HunterProsecuting Attorney, District 11-WestNon Partisan Judicial01/06/2022
Senator Missy Thomas IrvinState Senate District 24Republican02/22/2022
Paula IrwinState Representative District 19Democratic02/28/2022
Curley JacksonState Representative District 94Democratic02/22/2022
Natalie JamesU.S. SenateDemocratic02/22/2022
Representative Lane JeanState Representative District 99Republican02/22/2022
Tederal D. JeffersonState Representative District 01Republican02/28/2022
State Senator Blake JohnsonState Senate District 21Republican02/22/2022
Johnson, Demetris JrState Representative District 35Democratic02/25/2022
Judge Leon JohnsonCircuit Judge, District 06, Division 01, Subdistrict 6.1Non Partisan Judicial02/28/2022
State Representative Lee JohnsonState Representative District 47Republican02/22/2022
Senator Mark JohnsonState Senate District 17Republican02/22/2022
Chris JonesGovernorDemocratic02/22/2022
Chris JonesState Representative District 60Independent03/01/2022
Leon Jones, Jr.Attorney GeneralRepublican03/01/2022
Mike JonesState Representative District 52Republican02/22/2022
Monique JonesState Representative District 18Democratic02/28/2022
Noah JonesState Senate District 13Libertarian02/22/2022
Will JonesProsecuting Attorney, District 06Non Partisan Judicial01/07/2022
Michael J. KalagiasU.S. Congress District 03Libertarian02/28/2022
Brandon KelleyState Representative District 82Libertarian02/25/2022
Bryan B. KingState Senate District 28Republican02/28/2022
Kelly Ross KroutLieutenant GovernorDemocratic02/22/2022
Neil Robinson KumarU.S. Congress District 03Republican02/22/2022
Judy LaddState Representative District 91Democratic02/22/2022
Representative Jack LadymanState Representative District 32Republican02/22/2022
Tommy Land Commissioner of State LandsCommissioner of State LandsRepublican02/22/2022
Gerhard LangguthAttorney GeneralWrite-In02/22/2022
Robert “Bob” LargentState Senate District 28Republican02/22/2022
Michelle C. Lawrence Prosecuting AttorneyProsecuting Attorney, District 18-EastNon Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Senator Greg LedingState Senate District 30Democratic03/01/2022
Martin E. LillyProsecuting Attorney, District 02Non Partisan Judicial02/28/2022
Heath LoftisU.S. SenateRepublican02/22/2022
Dakota LoganState Representative District 06Libertarian02/28/2022
Jerry LogginsState Representative District 27Republican02/28/2022
Justice Wayne LongState Representative District 39Republican02/22/2022
Representative Fred LoveState Senate District 15Democratic02/22/2022
State Representative Mark LoweryState TreasurerRepublican02/23/2022
Bob LoweryState District Judge District 10Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Representative Robin LundstrumState Representative District 18Republican02/22/2022
Representative Roger LynchState Representative District 60Republican02/22/2022
State Representative John MaddoxState Representative District 86Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Steve MagieState Representative District 56Democratic02/22/2022
Lauren Mallett-HaysU.S. Congress District 03Democratic02/22/2022
Bruce MartinState Representative District 61Democratic02/25/2022
Jay MartinGovernorDemocratic02/22/2022
Beth MasonState Senate District 14Republican03/01/2022
Gregory MaxwellU.S. Congress District 04Libertarian02/22/2022
Jason MaxwellState Representative District 12Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Julie MayberryState Representative District 92Republican02/24/2022
Mindy McAlindonState Representative District 10Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Rick McClureState Representative District 29Republican02/23/2022
Representative Austin McCollumState Representative District 08Republican02/24/2022
Rebecca Reed McCoyProsecuting Attorney, District 17Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Representative Tippi McCulloughState Representative District 74Democratic02/22/2022
Miles McDonnellState Representative District 73Libertarian02/28/2022
Representative Mark D. McElroyState Representative District 62Republican02/22/2022
Eric I. McGeeState Representative District 32Libertarian02/22/2022
State Representative Richard McGrewState Representative District 85Republican02/22/2022
Cortney Warwick McKeeState Senate District 06Democratic02/22/2022
Justice of the Peace Matt MckeeState Senate District 06Republican02/22/2022
Brit McKenzieState Representative District 07Republican02/22/2022
State Rep. Gayla Hendren McKenzieState Senate District 35Republican02/22/2022
James McMenisState Senate District 02Republican02/28/2022
Representative Ron McNairState Representative District 05Republican02/22/2022
Don E. McNaughtonState Representative District 22Republican02/28/2022
Jim Medley, JPState Representative District 50Republican02/22/2022
Representative Stephen MeeksState Representative District 42Republican02/23/2022
Dexter R MillerState Representative District 62Democratic02/22/2022
State Representative Josh MillerState Representative District 41Republican02/22/2022
Treasurer of State Dennis MilliganAuditor of StateRepublican02/22/2022
Representative Jon MilliganState Representative District 33Republican02/22/2022
Trent MinnerState Representative District 56Republican02/22/2022
Judge Chalk S MitchellCircuit Judge, District 01, Division 04, Subdistrict 1.1Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Connie MitchellProsecuting Attorney, District 08-SouthNon Partisan Judicial01/05/2022
Blake MontgomeryProsecuting Attorney, District 08-NorthNon Partisan Judicial01/05/2022
Jeremiah MooreState Representative District 61Republican02/22/2022
Kendra MooreState Representative District 23Republican02/22/2022
Jan MorganU.S. SenateRepublican02/28/2022
Dustin MorphisState Representative District 44Republican02/22/2022
Lakeslia MosleyState Representative District 55Democratic03/01/2022
Marty MossState Representative District 41Republican02/28/2022
State Representative Reginald MurdockState Senate District 09Democratic02/22/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Todd MurrayProsecuting Attorney, District 01Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Dan NelsonGovernorWrite-In02/22/2022
Rep. Milton Nicks Jr.State Representative District 35Democratic02/22/2022
Teresa M. NormanState Representative District 02Libertarian03/01/2022
Jay OliphantState Representative District 12Republican02/22/2022
Diane OsborneState Representative District 50Democratic02/22/2022
Caitlin OxfordState Representative District 25Democratic03/01/2022
John J. PackState Representative District 71Democratic02/22/2022
Stetson PainterState Representative District 03Republican02/22/2022
Lisa ParksState Senate District 31Democratic02/28/2022
Steven Gene ParsonsState Representative District 03Libertarian02/22/2022
Samuel PasthingState District Judge District 10Non Partisan Judicial02/28/2022
Council Member Aubrey PattersonState Representative District 13Republican02/23/2022
Jack “Jay” Patterson, IICircuit Judge, District 05, Division 04Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Gregory F. PayneState Representative District 13Republican02/22/2022
Representative John PaytonState Senate District 22Republican02/22/2022
Shad PearceState Representative District 40Republican02/22/2022
Representative Clint PenzoState Senate District 31Republican02/23/2022
Peyton PerksState Representative District 70Libertarian02/25/2022
State Representative Mark W PerryState Representative District 66Democratic02/22/2022
Doug PetersonState Senate District 35Libertarian02/22/2022
John PettieProsecuting Attorney, District 03Non Partisan Judicial01/06/2022
Jim PettyState Senate District 29Republican02/22/2022
Jeff PhillipsProsecuting Attorney, District 05Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Kelly Procter PierceState Senate District 27Republican02/22/2022
Representative Aaron PilkingtonState Representative District 45Republican02/22/2022
Senator Mathew W. PitschState TreasurerRepublican02/22/2022
Coty W. PowersState Representative District 30Republican02/25/2022
Elvis PresleyGovernorWrite-In02/22/2022
Robert N Presley IIProsecuting Attorney, District 21Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Josh PriceSecretary of StateDemocratic02/22/2022
Cheryl PrimmState Representative District 30Libertarian03/01/2022
Andrew C PrittState Representative District 94Democratic02/22/2022
Chad PuryearState Representative District 25Republican02/22/2022
Aaron Robert RaatzState Representative District 71Libertarian02/22/2022
Brian E. RamseyState Representative District 37Libertarian03/01/2022
Senator Jason RapertLieutenant GovernorRepublican02/22/2022
State Representative David RayState Representative District 69Republican02/23/2022
Christopher Joseph ReedState Representative District 37Democratic02/25/2022
Jason ReevesState Representative District 83Libertarian02/22/2022
Timmy ReidState Representative District 27Republican02/22/2022
Conrad ReynoldsU.S. Congress District 02Republican02/22/2022
Senator Terry RiceState Senate District 05Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Jay RichardsonState Representative District 49Democratic02/22/2022
R. Scott RichardsonState Representative District 13Republican02/22/2022
Representative Marcus RichmondState Representative District 52Republican02/22/2022
Josh RievesState Representative District 61Republican02/24/2022
Michelle Gates RobertsState Representative District 84Democratic03/01/2022
Christie RobertsonState Representative District 24Republican02/25/2022
Luke RobertsonState Representative District 100Libertarian02/25/2022
Warren RobertsonState Senate District 29Republican02/25/2022
Jeffrey Childs RogersProsecuting Attorney, District 13Non Partisan Judicial01/06/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Tony RogersProsecuting Attorney, District 19-EastNon Partisan Judicial01/07/2022
Justice of the Peace Rose RolandState Representative District 54Republican02/22/2022
Teresa L RoofeState Representative District 01Democratic02/22/2022
Ryan A. RoseState Representative District 48Republican02/25/2022
Circuit Judge Quincey RossCircuit Judge, District 10, Division 04, Subdistrict 10.1Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Marc RossonState Representative District 87Libertarian02/25/2022
James “Rus” Russell IIIGovernorDemocratic02/22/2022
Attorney General Leslie RutledgeLieutenant GovernorRepublican02/28/2022
Representative Johnny RyeState Representative District 36Republican02/22/2022
Jaron SalazarState Senate District 16Libertarian02/22/2022
Senator Bill SampleState Senate District 06Republican02/22/2022
Dee SandersState Representative District 55Democratic02/22/2022
Ernest Sanders, Jr.Circuit Judge, District 06, Division 05, Subdistrict 6.1Non Partisan Judicial02/28/2022
Sarah Huckabee SandersGovernorRepublican02/22/2022
S. Judson ScanlonState Representative District 70Democratic02/22/2022
Kate SchafferState Representative District 10Democratic03/01/2022
Bart SchulzState Representative District 28Republican02/22/2022
Kai SchulzState Representative District 59Libertarian02/22/2022
Representative Jamie ScottState Representative District 72Democratic02/22/2022
Corey SeatsProsecuting Attorney, District 02Non Partisan Judicial02/23/2022
Jody ShackelfordU.S. Congress District 01Republican02/22/2022
Greg SharpState Representative District 81Libertarian02/22/2022
Garrett SheeksState Representative District 61Libertarian02/22/2022
Tara ShephardState Representative District 79Democratic02/22/2022
Representative Matthew ShepherdState Representative District 97Republican02/22/2022
Stuart F. ShirrellU.S. SenateIndependent03/01/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Daniel ShueProsecuting Attorney, District 12Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Doug SkeltonState Representative District 53Republican02/25/2022
Rep. Keith SlapeState Senate District 28Republican02/23/2022
Kim SlaughterState Representative District 56Republican02/22/2022
Representative Brandt SmithU.S. Congress District 01Republican02/22/2022
Drew E. SmithProsecuting Attorney, District 16Non Partisan Judicial02/28/2022
Garry L SmithState Senate District 02Democratic02/22/2022
Grant SmithState Representative District 77Democratic02/22/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Nathan SmithProsecuting Attorney, District 19-WestNon Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Simeon SnowAuditor of StateLibertarian03/01/2022
Frank SpainProsecuting Attorney, District 10Non Partisan Judicial02/23/2022
Representative Joy SpringerState Representative District 76Democratic02/22/2022
Brenda StallingsCircuit Judge, District 06, Division 12, Subdistrict 6.1Non Partisan Judicial01/05/2022
Jen StanderferState Representative District 13Democratic02/22/2022
Trey SteimelState Representative District 02Republican02/28/2022
Robert SteinbuchState Representative District 73Republican02/22/2022
David SterlingState Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 2Non Partisan Judicial02/28/2022
Steven StillingState Representative District 09Libertarian02/22/2022
Matt StoneState Senate District 02Republican02/22/2022
Senator Gary StubblefieldState Senate District 26Republican02/28/2022
Senator James SturchState Senate District 22Republican02/22/2022
Byron SuggsState Representative District 23Republican02/22/2022
Senator Dan SullivanState Senate District 20Republican02/22/2022
Chenoa SummersState Senate District 20Democratic02/22/2022
Genni SutantoState Representative District 76Libertarian02/28/2022
Allison Grigsby SweatmanState Senate District 13Democratic02/28/2022
Jason TateGovernorWrite-In02/28/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Tom TatumProsecuting Attorney, District 15Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Judge Joanna TaylorCircuit Judge, District 04, Division 07Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Jeff TennantState Senate District 35Republican02/22/2022
Circuit Judge Mary ThomasonCircuit Judge, District 13, Division 02Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Andrew ThompsonState Senate District 31Republican02/22/2022
Secretary of State John ThurstonSecretary of StateRepublican02/22/2022
Judge Cindy ThyerCourt of Appeals Associate Judge District 01, Position 02Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Gary TobarState Representative District 34Republican03/01/2022
State Representative David TollettState Representative District 62Republican02/28/2022
State Representative Dwight ToshState Representative District 38Republican02/23/2022
Senator Clarke TuckerState Senate District 14Democratic02/22/2022
Markeeta TuckerState Representative District 06Democratic02/22/2022
Jim TullState Senate District 32Republican02/22/2022
Heather TurchiState Representative District 75Republican02/22/2022
Dan TurnerProsecuting Attorney, District 09-EastNon Partisan Judicial02/23/2022
Representative Kendon UnderwoodState Representative District 16Republican02/22/2022
Steve UngerState Representative District 19Republican02/23/2022
Ronald VadenState Representative District 29Democratic02/23/2022
Roy VaughnState Representative District 81Democratic02/24/2022
State Representative DeAnn VaughtState Representative District 87Republican02/22/2022
Hunter VickState Representative District 18Democratic02/22/2022
Steven WalkerState Representative District 27Republican02/22/2022
Theodore (Ted) WalkerState Senate District 28Republican02/23/2022
State Senator Dave WallaceState Senate District 19Republican02/22/2022
Jim WallaceState Senate District 28Democratic02/22/2022
Alicia “Lisa” WaltonProsecuting Attorney, District 06Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Chris WaltonProsecuting Attorney, District 22Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Rebecca WardState Senate District 27Democratic02/28/2022
State Representative Jeff WardlawState Representative District 94Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Les WarrenState Representative District 84Republican02/22/2022
Francis “Doc” WashburnGovernorRepublican02/25/2022
State Representative Danny WatsonState Representative District 88Republican02/22/2022
Doyle WebbLieutenant GovernorRepublican02/22/2022
U.S. Representative Bruce WestermanU.S. Congress District 04Republican02/22/2022
State Representative David WhitakerState Representative District 22Democratic02/22/2022
Pam WhitakerState TreasurerDemocratic03/01/2022
John WhiteU.S. Congress District 04Democratic02/28/2022
Michael WhiteU.S. Congress District 02Libertarian02/25/2022
Hazelle Marie WhitedState Representative District 02Republican02/22/2022
Dan WhitfieldU.S. SenateDemocratic02/22/2022
Jon WickliffeState Representative District 73Republican02/22/2022
Eddie Joe WilliamsSecretary of StateRepublican02/22/2022
E. Dion WilsonCircuit Judge, District 01, Division 01, Subdistrict 1.1Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Jim WilsonState Representative District 23Republican02/22/2022
Richard WilsonState Representative District 65Libertarian02/25/2022
State Representative Carlton WingState Representative District 70Republican02/22/2022
Ashton “Coach Wink” WinkelmeyerState Representative District 74Libertarian02/22/2022
Chris WolcottState Representative District 87Democratic02/23/2022
Representative Richard WomackState Representative District 90Republican02/28/2022
Congressman Steve WomackU.S. Congress District 03Republican02/22/2022
Judge Joseph WoodLieutenant GovernorRepublican03/01/2022
Supreme Court Justice Rhonda WoodState Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 7Non Partisan Judicial02/23/2022
Wendy WoodCourt of Appeals Associate Judge District 06, Position 02Non Partisan Judicial01/03/2022
Michael WoodardGovernorWrite-In02/22/2022
Jeremy Wooldridge Justice of the PeaceState Representative District 01Republican02/22/2022
Representative Jim WootenState Representative District 59Republican02/22/2022
David WorkmanState Representative District 92Republican02/22/2022
Diana Gonzales WorthenState Representative District 09Democratic02/22/2022
Supreme Court Associate Justice Robin WynneState Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 2Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Supha Xayprasith-MaysGovernorDemocratic02/22/2022
Alan YarbroughState Representative District 27Republican02/22/2022

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