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Filing Period Ends for Preferential Primary


The filing period for the preferential primary to be held in May 2022 ended on Tuesday, March 1. The following candidates will be on the ballot:

County Clerk
Sharon Brooks County Clerk / Recorder – Republican

Circuit Clerk
Marcus W Phillips – Republican
Susie Hassett – Republican

County Judge
Steve Hotz – Treasurer/Collector – Republican
Denny Altes – Republican
Jeff Turner – Republican County

Charity Gregory – Republican
Lora Rice – Republican
Ken Blevins – Republican

County Assessor
Zach Johnson – Assessor – Republican County

Sheriff Hobe Runion III – Republican

County Coroner
Kenny Hobbs Coroner – Republican

Justice of the Peace
Justice of the Peace Dist 1
JP 1 Johnny Hobbs – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 2
Jackie C. Davis – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 3
Shawn Looper – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 4
J.P. 4 James W Butler – Republican
Jeremy Ibison – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 5
J.P. 5 John Spradlin – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 6
J.P. Danny Aldridge – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 7
Kenneth Williamson – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 8
Valeria J. Robinson – Democratic
Justice of the Peace Dist 9
JP Rhonda Royal – Democrat
Justice of the Peace Dist 10
J.P. Dickie L. Robertson – Democratic
James C. Higginbotham – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 11
Linda Willsey Murry – Democrat
Zach Mulson – Libertarian
Gerry Ward – Democratic
Justice of the Peace Dist 12
Tommy Camp – Republican
Justice of the Peace Dist 13
JP #13 Lorrie A Glidewell Runion – Republican

Upper Township:
Constable Paul Foley- Republican
Township 1:
Charlie Carpenter – Republican
Township 2:
Cleason H Cotton Jr – Republican
Steve Wiley – Republican
Township 3:
Jim Carter – Republican
Township 4:
Constable William Justin Hayes – Republican

School Candidate
Greenwood School District:
Stephanie Griffith, zone 1; Todd Hales, zone 5; Brad Johnson, zone 7; Clifton “Cliff” James, zone 2; Bradley Kremers, zone 6; Brian Jones, zone 2; Elysa Turner, zone 3; Kelli Griffith Henning zone, 6; Tara Kappler, zone 4; Lydia Trieu Whetstone, zone 5; Greg Hasley zone 4; Jamie Brown, zone 1.

Lavaca District:
Craig Carter, zone 3; Tyler Daniels, zone 2; Amy Green, zone 4; Perry Newman, zone 1; Darren Smithson, zone 5; Amanda Hall, zone 2;

Mansfield District:
Lesli Baggett, zone 2; Steve E Hattabaugh, zone 4; Rick Nicodemus, zone 5.


County Judge
Sheri Thompson – Republican
Brian Jones – Republican
Brad Evans – Independent

County Clerk
Tracy McPherson – Independent

County Assessor
Incumbent Terri Churchill – Independent

County Treasurer
Incumbent Teresa Scantling – Independent

Incumbent Sheriff Randy Shores – Independent
Clint McPherson – Republican
Tim Starr – Independent


JP District 1

JP District 2
Incumbent Melvin “Dee” Parker – Independent

JP District 3
Leonard Russell – Independent

JP District 4
Incumbent Linda Vaughn – Independent
Jeffery Gilbert – Independent

JP District 5
Incumbent Tom Wagner – Democrat
Jamie Lynn Goff – Independent

JP District 6
Tommy Roberson – Independent

JP District 7
John E. Luttrell – Republican

JP District 8

JP District 9
Larry (PeeWee) Russell – Independent

Constable Mill Creek:
Incumbent Gary House – Independent
Constable Mountain:
Constable Mt. Pleasant:
Incumbent Mike House – Independent
Constable Parks:
Jimmy Atchley – Independent
Constable Tate:
Constable Tomlinson:

School Board
Waldron School District Zone 1:
Konner McKay

State Candidate Information 2022 Preferential Primary and Nonpartisan Judicial General Election

NamePositionPartyFiling Date
Court of Appeals Judge Raymond R AbramsonCourt of Appeals Associate Judge District 01, Position 01Non Partisan Judicial02/23/2022
Brandon AchorState Representative District 71Republican02/22/2022
William AlcottState Representative District 59Democratic02/28/2022
Judge Tonya AlexanderCircuit Judge, District 02, Division 06, Subdistrict 2.1Non Partisan Judicial02/23/2022
Representative Fred AllenState Representative District 77Democratic02/25/2022
Gabriel AndreucettiState Senate District 26Libertarian02/28/2022
Wade AndrewsState Representative District 98Republican02/22/2022
Diamond Arnold-JohnsonAuditor of StateDemocratic03/01/2022
Max AveryState Representative District 49Republican02/22/2022
Brian AyersState Representative District 06Republican02/28/2022
Supreme Court Justice Karen BakerState Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 6Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Senator Bob BallingerState Senate District 28Republican02/22/2022
David BarberState Senate District 17Democratic02/22/2022
State Representative Sonia BarkerState Representative District 96Republican02/22/2022
Ethan J. BarnesState Senate District 22Republican03/01/2022
Lincoln E. BarnettState Representative District 63Democratic02/28/2022
Shawn BatesState Representative District 46Republican02/28/2022
Representative Howard M. Beaty, Jr.State Representative District 95Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Rick BeckState Representative District 43Republican02/22/2022
Senator Charles BeckhamState Senate District 03Republican02/22/2022
Wayne Reginald BeechState Representative District 62Republican02/25/2022
Chris BellerState Representative District 28Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Mary BentleyState Representative District 54Republican02/22/2022
Chris BequetteLieutenant GovernorRepublican02/28/2022
Jake BequetteU.S. SenateRepublican02/22/2022
Rep. Mark H. BerryState Representative District 26Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Stan BerryState Representative District 44Republican02/22/2022
Robert BetzoldState Representative District 68Libertarian02/22/2022
Richard BillingsleyState Representative District 19Democratic02/28/2022
Tim BlairProsecuting Attorney, District 11-EastNon Partisan Judicial01/07/2022
Max BlakeState Representative District 48Republican02/22/2022
Anthony “Tony” BlandGovernorDemocratic02/24/2022
Greg BlandState Representative District 52Republican02/25/2022
Shannon L. BlattCircuit Judge, District 12, Division 03Non Partisan Judicial01/03/2022
Greg BledsoeLieutenant GovernorRepublican02/22/2022
Wes BookerState Representative District 71Republican02/22/2022
Senator John BoozmanU.S. SenateRepublican02/25/2022
State Representative Justin BoydState Senate District 27Republican02/22/2022
Mosemarie Dora BoydProsecuting Attorney, District 12Non Partisan Judicial03/01/2022
Jana BradfordProsecuting Attorney, District 09-WestNon Partisan Judicial01/05/2022
State Representative Harlan BreauxState Representative District 06Republican02/22/2022
Representative Keith BrooksState Representative District 78Republican02/22/2022
Representative Karilyn BrownState Representative District 67Republican02/22/2022
Justice of the Peace Matt BrownState Representative District 55Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Joshua BryantState Senate District 32Republican02/22/2022
Tom BryantState Representative District 03Republican02/28/2022
Mickey BuchananProsecuting Attorney, District 09-WestNon Partisan Judicial01/05/2022
Denise BugosState Representative District 13Republican02/22/2022
Walter BurgessState Representative District 81Republican02/22/2022
James BurkState Senate District 18Libertarian02/25/2022
Rebecca BurkesState Representative District 11Republican02/22/2022
Debra Wood BuschmanProsecuting Attorney, District 18-WestNon Partisan Judicial01/06/2022
Aaron A. CagleState Representative District 93Libertarian02/22/2022
Senator Ronald CaldwellState Senate District 10Republican02/22/2022
Beth CallawayState Senate District 02Republican02/25/2022
Stacey CaplenerState Representative District 40Republican02/23/2022
Judge Chris CarnahanState Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 2Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Jodi G.CarneyState District Judge District 10Non Partisan Judicial02/28/2022
Joey CarrState Representative District 34Republican02/22/2022
State Representative John P. CarrState Representative District 15Republican02/22/2022
Nick CartwrightState Senate District 18Democratic02/28/2022
Judge Stephanie CasadyCourt of Appeals Associate Judge District 06, Position 02Non Partisan Judicial01/03/2022
Kenneth CatesU.S. SenateLibertarian02/25/2022
John Wayne CatlettState Representative District 52Independent02/25/2022
Representative Fran CavenaughState Representative District 30Republican02/22/2022
Senator Linda Pondexter ChesterfieldState Senate District 12Democratic02/22/2022
State Representative Craig ChristiansenState Representative District 39Republican02/22/2022
Mayor Peter ChristieState Senate District 34Republican02/23/2022
State Senator Alan ClarkState Senate District 07Republican02/22/2022
Hilary Grace CleaverState Representative District 05Independent02/22/2022
Representative Nicole ClowneyState Representative District 21Democratic02/22/2022
Stephen CogerProsecuting Attorney, District 04Non Partisan Judicial01/07/2022
Representative Andrew CollinsState Representative District 73Democratic02/22/2022
Ollie CollinsState Representative District 34Democratic02/23/2022
Paul Colvin, Jr.State Senate District 31Republican02/28/2022
Teresa A. Coney, Justice of the PeaceState Representative District 79Democratic02/25/2022
Cara ConnorsCircuit Judge, District 06, Division 12, Subdistrict 6.1Non Partisan Judicial01/07/2022
Representative Cameron CooperState Representative District 57Republican02/22/2022
Dorothy Dyson CooperState Senate District 09Democratic02/28/2022
Chris P. CorbittState Representative District 55Republican02/23/2022
Jannie M. CottonState Representative District 67Democratic02/22/2022
Rachel CoxState Representative District 15Democratic02/22/2022
State Representative Bruce CozartState Representative District 91Republican02/22/2022
Representative Cindy CrawfordState Representative District 51Republican02/22/2022
Congressman Rick CrawfordU.S. Congress District 01Republican02/25/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Carol CrewsProsecuting Attorney, District 20Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Alderman Steve CrowellState Senate District 03Republican02/28/2022
Zachary A. CulpState Representative District 69Democratic02/25/2022
State Representative Carol DalbyState Representative District 100Republican02/22/2022
Roger B. DaughertyU.S. Congress District 01Independent03/01/2022
State Senator Breanne DavisState Senate District 25Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Marsh DavisState Representative District 02Republican02/22/2022
Shantella Shantel DavisState Representative District 58Democratic02/28/2022
Tyler DeesState Senate District 35Republican02/28/2022
Judge Gunner DeLayState Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 6Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
J.P. DeVilliersState Senate District 34Libertarian02/22/2022
David DinwiddieState Senate District 08Libertarian02/23/2022
Senator Jonathan DismangState Senate District 18Republican02/23/2022
Mayor Steve DixonState Representative District 01Republican02/25/2022
State Representative Jim DotsonState Senate District 34Republican02/22/2022
Matt DuffieldState Representative District 53Republican02/22/2022
Hope Hendren DukeState Representative District 12Republican02/22/2022
Wade DunnState Representative District 47Republican02/22/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Matt DurrettProsecuting Attorney, District 04Non Partisan Judicial02/23/2022
Brian EatonState Representative District 14Democratic03/01/2022
State Representative Les EavesState Representative District 58Republican02/22/2022
Demetria L. EdwardsCircuit Judge, District 10, Division 04, Subdistrict 10.1Non Partisan Judicial01/03/2022
Stephen EdwardsState Representative District 50Libertarian02/22/2022
Tom ElwoodState Representative District 32Republican02/28/2022
Bruce EmersonState Representative District 04Republican03/01/2022
Senator Jane EnglishState Senate District 13Republican02/22/2022
State Rep. Denise EnnettState Representative District 80Democratic02/22/2022
Prosecuting Attorney David L EthredgeProsecuting Attorney, District 14Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
State Representative Jon S. EubanksState Representative District 46Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Brian S. EvansState Representative District 68Republican02/22/2022
Robert FairState Representative District 11Republican02/28/2022
Kellee Mitchell FarrisState Representative District 62Democratic02/28/2022
Representative Deborah FergusonState Representative District 63Democratic02/22/2022
Representative Ken FergusonState Representative District 64Democratic02/22/2022
State Representative David FieldingState Representative District 98Democratic02/22/2022
State Representative Charlene FiteState Representative District 24Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Lanny FiteState Representative District 83Republican02/22/2022
Edward M. Flanigan, IIIState Representative District 41Libertarian02/22/2022
Senator Scott FlippoState Senate District 23Republican02/22/2022
Senator Stephanie FlowersState Senate District 08Democratic02/22/2022
Representative Vivian FlowersState Representative District 65Democratic02/28/2022
Alan FloydState Representative District 90Republican02/23/2022
Sonia FonticiellaProsecuting Attorney, District 02Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Representative Jack FortnerState Representative District 04Republican02/22/2022
Jack E FosterU.S. SenateDemocratic02/22/2022
Judge Teresa FrenchCircuit Judge, District 10, Division 05, At LargeNon Partisan Judicial01/05/2022
Terry FullerState Senate District 09Republican02/25/2022
Representative Tony FurmanState Representative District 82Republican02/22/2022
Darlene Goldi GainesCommissioner of State LandsDemocratic02/22/2022
Richard “Nap” GantU.S. SenateWrite-In02/28/2022
Representative Denise GarnerState Representative District 20Democratic02/22/2022
James GarnerU.S. SenateWrite-In03/01/2022
State Representative Jimmy GazawayState Representative District 31Republican02/25/2022
Jesse GibsonAttorney GeneralDemocratic02/22/2022
Frank GilbertLieutenant GovernorLibertarian02/22/2022
D. Michael GillState Representative District 12Libertarian02/22/2022
Senator Ben GilmoreState Senate District 01Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Justin GonzalesState Representative District 89Republican02/22/2022
Lonny M. GoodwinState Senate District 04Independent02/23/2022
Anna Beth GormanSecretary of StateDemocratic02/28/2022
Chuck GrahamProsecuting Attorney, District 23Non Partisan Judicial01/05/2022
Judge David GrahamCircuit Judge, District 13, Division 01Non Partisan Judicial01/03/2022
Zack GramlichState Representative District 50Republican02/22/2022
Paul GreenState Representative District 99Libertarian02/22/2022
Judge Robert GriffinState Representative District 39Republican02/22/2022
Lieutenant Governor Tim GriffinAttorney GeneralRepublican02/23/2022
Chester GriffithState Representative District 88Libertarian02/28/2022
Charles GuidryState Senate District 15Libertarian02/22/2022
Judge Alex GuynnCircuit Judge, District 11-West, Division 01, Subdistrict 11.1Non Partisan Judicial01/03/2022
Rep. Delia HaakState Representative District 17Republican02/22/2022
Ben HaleProsecuting Attorney, District 08-NorthNon Partisan Judicial01/06/2022
Clayton HallState Representative District 39Libertarian02/22/2022
Jim A. HallState Representative District 05Independent02/22/2022
State Senator Kim HammerState Senate District 16Republican02/24/2022
Ryan HansonState Representative District 23Libertarian02/28/2022
Councilman Rick HarrellState Senate District 25Republican02/22/2022
Ricky Dale Harrington, Jr.GovernorLibertarian02/22/2022
Jackie HarrisCircuit Judge, District 11-West, Division 04, Subdistrict 11.1Non Partisan Judicial01/05/2022
Jody L. HarrisState Representative District 25Republican02/25/2022
Sandra Young HarrisCircuit Judge, District 11-West, Division 04, Subdistrict 11.1Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Cliff HartState Senate District 10Democratic02/22/2022
Quintessa HathawayU.S. Congress District 02Democratic02/23/2022
Councilman RJ HawkState Representative District 81Republican02/22/2022
Representative Spencer HawksState Senate District 17Republican02/22/2022
Chris HayesState Representative District 92Libertarian02/22/2022
Howard HeffingtonState Representative District 56Libertarian02/22/2022
Annie Powell HendricksCircuit Judge, District 12, Division 02Non Partisan Judicial01/03/2022
Rey HernandezState Representative District 11Democratic02/22/2022
State Senator Bart HesterState Senate District 33Republican02/22/2022
Brian HesterState Representative District 22Republican02/22/2022
Roy L. HesterState Senate District 26Republican03/01/2022
Senator Jimmy Hickey, JRState Senate District 04Republican02/22/2022
Congressman French HillU.S. Congress District 02Republican02/22/2022
Senator Ricky HillState Senate District 11Republican02/22/2022
Representative David HillmanState Representative District 61Republican02/28/2022
Curtis HittState Senate District 21Republican02/25/2022
Court of Appeals Judge Kenneth S. HixsonCourt of Appeals Associate Judge District 03, Position 02Non Partisan Judicial02/28/2022
DeAnna HodgesState Representative District 09Republican02/28/2022
Grant HodgesState Representative District 14Republican02/22/2022
Representative Monte HodgesU.S. Congress District 01Democratic02/22/2022
Representative Mike HolcombState Representative District 93Republican02/22/2022
Devon HolderProsecuting Attorney, District 03Non Partisan Judicial01/03/2022
Alfred Jefferson Holland IIIState Senate District 21Libertarian02/22/2022
Representative Steve HollowellState Representative District 37Republican02/22/2022
Kevin R HolmesProsecuting Attorney, District 21Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
LaTonya Austin HonorableCircuit Judge, District 06, Division 05, Subdistrict 6.1Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Risie R HowardCircuit Judge, District 11-West, Division 04, Subdistrict 11.1Non Partisan Judicial02/23/2022
David J. HowellState Representative District 53Republican02/22/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Teresa HowellProsecuting Attorney, District 07Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Derek HuberState Senate District 23Democratic02/22/2022
Joshua Michael HuckabaState Representative District 57Libertarian02/22/2022
Rep. Ashley HudsonState Representative District 75Democratic02/22/2022
Prosecuting Attorney S. Kyle HunterProsecuting Attorney, District 11-WestNon Partisan Judicial01/06/2022
Senator Missy Thomas IrvinState Senate District 24Republican02/22/2022
Paula IrwinState Representative District 19Democratic02/28/2022
Curley JacksonState Representative District 94Democratic02/22/2022
Natalie JamesU.S. SenateDemocratic02/22/2022
Representative Lane JeanState Representative District 99Republican02/22/2022
Tederal D. JeffersonState Representative District 01Republican02/28/2022
State Senator Blake JohnsonState Senate District 21Republican02/22/2022
Johnson, Demetris JrState Representative District 35Democratic02/25/2022
Judge Leon JohnsonCircuit Judge, District 06, Division 01, Subdistrict 6.1Non Partisan Judicial02/28/2022
State Representative Lee JohnsonState Representative District 47Republican02/22/2022
Senator Mark JohnsonState Senate District 17Republican02/22/2022
Chris JonesGovernorDemocratic02/22/2022
Chris JonesState Representative District 60Independent03/01/2022
Leon Jones, Jr.Attorney GeneralRepublican03/01/2022
Mike JonesState Representative District 52Republican02/22/2022
Monique JonesState Representative District 18Democratic02/28/2022
Noah JonesState Senate District 13Libertarian02/22/2022
Will JonesProsecuting Attorney, District 06Non Partisan Judicial01/07/2022
Michael J. KalagiasU.S. Congress District 03Libertarian02/28/2022
Brandon KelleyState Representative District 82Libertarian02/25/2022
Bryan B. KingState Senate District 28Republican02/28/2022
Kelly Ross KroutLieutenant GovernorDemocratic02/22/2022
Neil Robinson KumarU.S. Congress District 03Republican02/22/2022
Judy LaddState Representative District 91Democratic02/22/2022
Representative Jack LadymanState Representative District 32Republican02/22/2022
Tommy Land Commissioner of State LandsCommissioner of State LandsRepublican02/22/2022
Gerhard LangguthAttorney GeneralWrite-In02/22/2022
Robert “Bob” LargentState Senate District 28Republican02/22/2022
Michelle C. Lawrence Prosecuting AttorneyProsecuting Attorney, District 18-EastNon Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Senator Greg LedingState Senate District 30Democratic03/01/2022
Martin E. LillyProsecuting Attorney, District 02Non Partisan Judicial02/28/2022
Heath LoftisU.S. SenateRepublican02/22/2022
Dakota LoganState Representative District 06Libertarian02/28/2022
Jerry LogginsState Representative District 27Republican02/28/2022
Justice Wayne LongState Representative District 39Republican02/22/2022
Representative Fred LoveState Senate District 15Democratic02/22/2022
State Representative Mark LoweryState TreasurerRepublican02/23/2022
Bob LoweryState District Judge District 10Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Representative Robin LundstrumState Representative District 18Republican02/22/2022
Representative Roger LynchState Representative District 60Republican02/22/2022
State Representative John MaddoxState Representative District 86Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Steve MagieState Representative District 56Democratic02/22/2022
Lauren Mallett-HaysU.S. Congress District 03Democratic02/22/2022
Bruce MartinState Representative District 61Democratic02/25/2022
Jay MartinGovernorDemocratic02/22/2022
Beth MasonState Senate District 14Republican03/01/2022
Gregory MaxwellU.S. Congress District 04Libertarian02/22/2022
Jason MaxwellState Representative District 12Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Julie MayberryState Representative District 92Republican02/24/2022
Mindy McAlindonState Representative District 10Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Rick McClureState Representative District 29Republican02/23/2022
Representative Austin McCollumState Representative District 08Republican02/24/2022
Rebecca Reed McCoyProsecuting Attorney, District 17Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Representative Tippi McCulloughState Representative District 74Democratic02/22/2022
Miles McDonnellState Representative District 73Libertarian02/28/2022
Representative Mark D. McElroyState Representative District 62Republican02/22/2022
Eric I. McGeeState Representative District 32Libertarian02/22/2022
State Representative Richard McGrewState Representative District 85Republican02/22/2022
Cortney Warwick McKeeState Senate District 06Democratic02/22/2022
Justice of the Peace Matt MckeeState Senate District 06Republican02/22/2022
Brit McKenzieState Representative District 07Republican02/22/2022
State Rep. Gayla Hendren McKenzieState Senate District 35Republican02/22/2022
James McMenisState Senate District 02Republican02/28/2022
Representative Ron McNairState Representative District 05Republican02/22/2022
Don E. McNaughtonState Representative District 22Republican02/28/2022
Jim Medley, JPState Representative District 50Republican02/22/2022
Representative Stephen MeeksState Representative District 42Republican02/23/2022
Dexter R MillerState Representative District 62Democratic02/22/2022
State Representative Josh MillerState Representative District 41Republican02/22/2022
Treasurer of State Dennis MilliganAuditor of StateRepublican02/22/2022
Representative Jon MilliganState Representative District 33Republican02/22/2022
Trent MinnerState Representative District 56Republican02/22/2022
Judge Chalk S MitchellCircuit Judge, District 01, Division 04, Subdistrict 1.1Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Connie MitchellProsecuting Attorney, District 08-SouthNon Partisan Judicial01/05/2022
Blake MontgomeryProsecuting Attorney, District 08-NorthNon Partisan Judicial01/05/2022
Jeremiah MooreState Representative District 61Republican02/22/2022
Kendra MooreState Representative District 23Republican02/22/2022
Jan MorganU.S. SenateRepublican02/28/2022
Dustin MorphisState Representative District 44Republican02/22/2022
Lakeslia MosleyState Representative District 55Democratic03/01/2022
Marty MossState Representative District 41Republican02/28/2022
State Representative Reginald MurdockState Senate District 09Democratic02/22/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Todd MurrayProsecuting Attorney, District 01Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Dan NelsonGovernorWrite-In02/22/2022
Rep. Milton Nicks Jr.State Representative District 35Democratic02/22/2022
Teresa M. NormanState Representative District 02Libertarian03/01/2022
Jay OliphantState Representative District 12Republican02/22/2022
Diane OsborneState Representative District 50Democratic02/22/2022
Caitlin OxfordState Representative District 25Democratic03/01/2022
John J. PackState Representative District 71Democratic02/22/2022
Stetson PainterState Representative District 03Republican02/22/2022
Lisa ParksState Senate District 31Democratic02/28/2022
Steven Gene ParsonsState Representative District 03Libertarian02/22/2022
Samuel PasthingState District Judge District 10Non Partisan Judicial02/28/2022
Council Member Aubrey PattersonState Representative District 13Republican02/23/2022
Jack “Jay” Patterson, IICircuit Judge, District 05, Division 04Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Gregory F. PayneState Representative District 13Republican02/22/2022
Representative John PaytonState Senate District 22Republican02/22/2022
Shad PearceState Representative District 40Republican02/22/2022
Representative Clint PenzoState Senate District 31Republican02/23/2022
Peyton PerksState Representative District 70Libertarian02/25/2022
State Representative Mark W PerryState Representative District 66Democratic02/22/2022
Doug PetersonState Senate District 35Libertarian02/22/2022
John PettieProsecuting Attorney, District 03Non Partisan Judicial01/06/2022
Jim PettyState Senate District 29Republican02/22/2022
Jeff PhillipsProsecuting Attorney, District 05Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Kelly Procter PierceState Senate District 27Republican02/22/2022
Representative Aaron PilkingtonState Representative District 45Republican02/22/2022
Senator Mathew W. PitschState TreasurerRepublican02/22/2022
Coty W. PowersState Representative District 30Republican02/25/2022
Elvis PresleyGovernorWrite-In02/22/2022
Robert N Presley IIProsecuting Attorney, District 21Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Josh PriceSecretary of StateDemocratic02/22/2022
Cheryl PrimmState Representative District 30Libertarian03/01/2022
Andrew C PrittState Representative District 94Democratic02/22/2022
Chad PuryearState Representative District 25Republican02/22/2022
Aaron Robert RaatzState Representative District 71Libertarian02/22/2022
Brian E. RamseyState Representative District 37Libertarian03/01/2022
Senator Jason RapertLieutenant GovernorRepublican02/22/2022
State Representative David RayState Representative District 69Republican02/23/2022
Christopher Joseph ReedState Representative District 37Democratic02/25/2022
Jason ReevesState Representative District 83Libertarian02/22/2022
Timmy ReidState Representative District 27Republican02/22/2022
Conrad ReynoldsU.S. Congress District 02Republican02/22/2022
Senator Terry RiceState Senate District 05Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Jay RichardsonState Representative District 49Democratic02/22/2022
R. Scott RichardsonState Representative District 13Republican02/22/2022
Representative Marcus RichmondState Representative District 52Republican02/22/2022
Josh RievesState Representative District 61Republican02/24/2022
Michelle Gates RobertsState Representative District 84Democratic03/01/2022
Christie RobertsonState Representative District 24Republican02/25/2022
Luke RobertsonState Representative District 100Libertarian02/25/2022
Warren RobertsonState Senate District 29Republican02/25/2022
Jeffrey Childs RogersProsecuting Attorney, District 13Non Partisan Judicial01/06/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Tony RogersProsecuting Attorney, District 19-EastNon Partisan Judicial01/07/2022
Justice of the Peace Rose RolandState Representative District 54Republican02/22/2022
Teresa L RoofeState Representative District 01Democratic02/22/2022
Ryan A. RoseState Representative District 48Republican02/25/2022
Circuit Judge Quincey RossCircuit Judge, District 10, Division 04, Subdistrict 10.1Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Marc RossonState Representative District 87Libertarian02/25/2022
James “Rus” Russell IIIGovernorDemocratic02/22/2022
Attorney General Leslie RutledgeLieutenant GovernorRepublican02/28/2022
Representative Johnny RyeState Representative District 36Republican02/22/2022
Jaron SalazarState Senate District 16Libertarian02/22/2022
Senator Bill SampleState Senate District 06Republican02/22/2022
Dee SandersState Representative District 55Democratic02/22/2022
Ernest Sanders, Jr.Circuit Judge, District 06, Division 05, Subdistrict 6.1Non Partisan Judicial02/28/2022
Sarah Huckabee SandersGovernorRepublican02/22/2022
S. Judson ScanlonState Representative District 70Democratic02/22/2022
Kate SchafferState Representative District 10Democratic03/01/2022
Bart SchulzState Representative District 28Republican02/22/2022
Kai SchulzState Representative District 59Libertarian02/22/2022
Representative Jamie ScottState Representative District 72Democratic02/22/2022
Corey SeatsProsecuting Attorney, District 02Non Partisan Judicial02/23/2022
Jody ShackelfordU.S. Congress District 01Republican02/22/2022
Greg SharpState Representative District 81Libertarian02/22/2022
Garrett SheeksState Representative District 61Libertarian02/22/2022
Tara ShephardState Representative District 79Democratic02/22/2022
Representative Matthew ShepherdState Representative District 97Republican02/22/2022
Stuart F. ShirrellU.S. SenateIndependent03/01/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Daniel ShueProsecuting Attorney, District 12Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Doug SkeltonState Representative District 53Republican02/25/2022
Rep. Keith SlapeState Senate District 28Republican02/23/2022
Kim SlaughterState Representative District 56Republican02/22/2022
Representative Brandt SmithU.S. Congress District 01Republican02/22/2022
Drew E. SmithProsecuting Attorney, District 16Non Partisan Judicial02/28/2022
Garry L SmithState Senate District 02Democratic02/22/2022
Grant SmithState Representative District 77Democratic02/22/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Nathan SmithProsecuting Attorney, District 19-WestNon Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Simeon SnowAuditor of StateLibertarian03/01/2022
Frank SpainProsecuting Attorney, District 10Non Partisan Judicial02/23/2022
Representative Joy SpringerState Representative District 76Democratic02/22/2022
Brenda StallingsCircuit Judge, District 06, Division 12, Subdistrict 6.1Non Partisan Judicial01/05/2022
Jen StanderferState Representative District 13Democratic02/22/2022
Trey SteimelState Representative District 02Republican02/28/2022
Robert SteinbuchState Representative District 73Republican02/22/2022
David SterlingState Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 2Non Partisan Judicial02/28/2022
Steven StillingState Representative District 09Libertarian02/22/2022
Matt StoneState Senate District 02Republican02/22/2022
Senator Gary StubblefieldState Senate District 26Republican02/28/2022
Senator James SturchState Senate District 22Republican02/22/2022
Byron SuggsState Representative District 23Republican02/22/2022
Senator Dan SullivanState Senate District 20Republican02/22/2022
Chenoa SummersState Senate District 20Democratic02/22/2022
Genni SutantoState Representative District 76Libertarian02/28/2022
Allison Grigsby SweatmanState Senate District 13Democratic02/28/2022
Jason TateGovernorWrite-In02/28/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Tom TatumProsecuting Attorney, District 15Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Judge Joanna TaylorCircuit Judge, District 04, Division 07Non Partisan Judicial02/22/2022
Jeff TennantState Senate District 35Republican02/22/2022
Circuit Judge Mary ThomasonCircuit Judge, District 13, Division 02Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Andrew ThompsonState Senate District 31Republican02/22/2022
Secretary of State John ThurstonSecretary of StateRepublican02/22/2022
Judge Cindy ThyerCourt of Appeals Associate Judge District 01, Position 02Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Gary TobarState Representative District 34Republican03/01/2022
State Representative David TollettState Representative District 62Republican02/28/2022
State Representative Dwight ToshState Representative District 38Republican02/23/2022
Senator Clarke TuckerState Senate District 14Democratic02/22/2022
Markeeta TuckerState Representative District 06Democratic02/22/2022
Jim TullState Senate District 32Republican02/22/2022
Heather TurchiState Representative District 75Republican02/22/2022
Dan TurnerProsecuting Attorney, District 09-EastNon Partisan Judicial02/23/2022
Representative Kendon UnderwoodState Representative District 16Republican02/22/2022
Steve UngerState Representative District 19Republican02/23/2022
Ronald VadenState Representative District 29Democratic02/23/2022
Roy VaughnState Representative District 81Democratic02/24/2022
State Representative DeAnn VaughtState Representative District 87Republican02/22/2022
Hunter VickState Representative District 18Democratic02/22/2022
Steven WalkerState Representative District 27Republican02/22/2022
Theodore (Ted) WalkerState Senate District 28Republican02/23/2022
State Senator Dave WallaceState Senate District 19Republican02/22/2022
Jim WallaceState Senate District 28Democratic02/22/2022
Alicia “Lisa” WaltonProsecuting Attorney, District 06Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Prosecuting Attorney Chris WaltonProsecuting Attorney, District 22Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Rebecca WardState Senate District 27Democratic02/28/2022
State Representative Jeff WardlawState Representative District 94Republican02/22/2022
State Representative Les WarrenState Representative District 84Republican02/22/2022
Francis “Doc” WashburnGovernorRepublican02/25/2022
State Representative Danny WatsonState Representative District 88Republican02/22/2022
Doyle WebbLieutenant GovernorRepublican02/22/2022
U.S. Representative Bruce WestermanU.S. Congress District 04Republican02/22/2022
State Representative David WhitakerState Representative District 22Democratic02/22/2022
Pam WhitakerState TreasurerDemocratic03/01/2022
John WhiteU.S. Congress District 04Democratic02/28/2022
Michael WhiteU.S. Congress District 02Libertarian02/25/2022
Hazelle Marie WhitedState Representative District 02Republican02/22/2022
Dan WhitfieldU.S. SenateDemocratic02/22/2022
Jon WickliffeState Representative District 73Republican02/22/2022
Eddie Joe WilliamsSecretary of StateRepublican02/22/2022
E. Dion WilsonCircuit Judge, District 01, Division 01, Subdistrict 1.1Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Jim WilsonState Representative District 23Republican02/22/2022
Richard WilsonState Representative District 65Libertarian02/25/2022
State Representative Carlton WingState Representative District 70Republican02/22/2022
Ashton “Coach Wink” WinkelmeyerState Representative District 74Libertarian02/22/2022
Chris WolcottState Representative District 87Democratic02/23/2022
Representative Richard WomackState Representative District 90Republican02/28/2022
Congressman Steve WomackU.S. Congress District 03Republican02/22/2022
Judge Joseph WoodLieutenant GovernorRepublican03/01/2022
Supreme Court Justice Rhonda WoodState Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 7Non Partisan Judicial02/23/2022
Wendy WoodCourt of Appeals Associate Judge District 06, Position 02Non Partisan Judicial01/03/2022
Michael WoodardGovernorWrite-In02/22/2022
Jeremy Wooldridge Justice of the PeaceState Representative District 01Republican02/22/2022
Representative Jim WootenState Representative District 59Republican02/22/2022
David WorkmanState Representative District 92Republican02/22/2022
Diana Gonzales WorthenState Representative District 09Democratic02/22/2022
Supreme Court Associate Justice Robin WynneState Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 2Non Partisan Judicial02/25/2022
Supha Xayprasith-MaysGovernorDemocratic02/22/2022
Alan YarbroughState Representative District 27Republican02/22/2022

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