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GO-AR Founder, President Receives Arkansas Legislative Citation


Gun Owners of Arkansas held their annual meeting of the members on Saturday, April 20, 2024, in Little Rock, AR. This year’s speaker, State Representative Matt Duffield (R-District 53). Duffield praised the legislative efforts of Gun Owners of Arkansas and recognized the contributions by GO-AR Founder and President, Gary Epperson. Specifically, his tireless efforts to preserve the rights of gun owners.

Epperson is a Scott County native and has spent a lifetime in service to his country and protecting the God-given rights of its citizens.

Representative Duffield presented the citation and thanked him for his service to all Arkansans. A veteran, Gary served in the Army and earned a coveted place among the elite ranks of the 82nd Airborne Division. Representative Duffield stated that Gary Epperson is one of the best political strategists in the state of Arkansas. With honesty and integrity, he builds relationships and gets things done.
All gun owners in this state benefit greatly from the efforts of Gary and Gun Owners of Arkansas. Join us in appreciation for the work that Gary has done and continues to do.

-State Representative Matt Duffield

GO-AR Mission

“To Preserve, Advance, Protect and Defend the inalienable rights of gun owners, including promoting and developing a greater understanding and awareness regarding the importance and benefits of firearms ownership and conducting education on firearms ownership and current Arkansas laws along with policy related to such rights.”

No Arkansas organization fights harder protecting and advancing our unalienable right to self-protection than GO-AR. Leading the fight to have permitless carry recognized, eliminating gun free zones (municipal parks weapons restrictions removed), state sovereignty, protecting the Gun Owners of Arkansas against federal overreach, and the vehicle as an extension of the home, and redefining “journey”, which eliminated several federal gun free zones.

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, please consider supporting GO-AR through membership or financial donations. Join us in the fight to protect the freedom of our loved ones. Their future depends on us!

Gary Epperson | President
Gun Owners of Arkansas

**Editor’s note: When I first started with RNN eight years ago, I was afforded the opportunity to meet Gary. I was simply amazed that this country boy from Scott County had made and is making such a tremendous impact in our state. He works hard at not only creating relationships, but maintaining the trust and integrity that is required to be effective in his position. I remember asking him, how and why did you get started doing what you do? His answer in so many words were, “to ensure that my grandkids enjoy the freedoms we do.” Respect sir, respect! Thank you, Gary, for all the long nights, the gas, the miles, the time spent driving back and forth to the capital, organizing and overseeing meetings, and for holding our elected accountable!

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