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“Just Roll with It” Serving up Recipes and Humor


By Sheri Hopkins, Lifestyle Contributor

Hello everyone! We have had beautiful spring weather and now it’s back to winter. That’s what I love about living in Arkansas, the ever-changing weather. I’ve wore short sleeves and sweatshirts all in the same week.

This week, I’m going to talk about husbands. Y’all know I loved my husband Chuck, but he could drive me crazy. He was not alone if you admit it, most men can drive you crazy sometime. He could never do things in moderation. If you asked for something, let’s just say a small step ladder, he would buy a big industrial size or big man size I could not lift, not just a regular one you could just fold up and put behind a door. One time he bought me a cheese grater and it had so many attachments, I couldn’t use the crazy thing. All I needed was a regular old cheese grater, and this would probably grate a block of cheese the size of Texas. It went in the next yard sale. If you ever asked for an extension cord for something here, he would come with a mega cord, great big thick one that would power a carnival ride. If I ever sent him to the store, he would never buy what I asked, it was always three or four and while he was at it, he would bring home every seasoning known to man just because he wanted to try them. I would keep them till they expired and throw them out. Chuck’s motto was go big or go home.

One time someone on Frazier Road cut down a tree and it landed on a power line, and we were without electric. Some rumor got started that we might be out of power for days, so he loads up and heads to Ft. Smith and buys a generator. The electric came on shortly after he got back home. See the pattern here?

One time he decided to build a gate on the fence in the back yard. He bought enough lumber to build a small shed and it was heavy duty let me tell you. There was no swinging that door. It weighed a ton. His motto was two or three is always better than one. He owned two or more of everything.

Enough about these crazy men, we gotta love them. Since the stores are selling strawberries, we are going to do an easy strawberry dessert recipe.

2 pints of fresh strawberries
2 1/2 cups whole milk
1 14 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk
1 5.1 oz. package instant vanilla pudding mix
1 8 oz. container of Cool Whip
1 12 oz. package of vanilla wafer cookies
Hull strawberries and slice thin. Mix whole milk, condensed milk and pudding mix together, make sure you get the condensed milk mixed well since it is so thick. Fold in the whipped topping. Layer a 9×13 pan with 1/2 of the vanilla wafer cookies, followed by 1/2 of the strawberries. Pour 1/2 of the pudding mixture over the top. Repeat with a second layer of wafers, strawberries and pudding. You can top with some sliced strawberries. Keep refrigerated and enjoy. You can also use cheesecake pudding flavor for a little something different. Have a wonderful week and show yourself friendly.

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Tammy Teague
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