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Local Business Makes Wakes in the Outdoor Industry


When Make A Wake Bait and Tackle owner Matt Gregory had thoughts of owning his own business at a young age, those ideas always involved fishing.

In fact, everything he did reflected his love and devotion for fishing in one way or another.

In 2017, those ideas manifested into a reality with a non-corporate style, brick and mortar location in Van Buren that served as the starting point for future endeavors.

That location served him well with support coming from surrounding states, including the beginning of the Hawghunter Team Series, and Solo Series tournament trails which has become both a popular competitive venue for all levels of anglers.

Due to growth from the initial location, and the tournament trails, Gregory felt it was time to make a move and take the business into a new direction.

A sampling of the endless fishing tackle inventory at Make A Wake Bait & Tackle

In the current outdoor marketplace, serving a niche is commonplace, especially in the e-commerce sector. Until now, this approach has been unseen in the Arkansas River Valley offering anglers little to no opportunities for education in new techniques, and the latest products.

Reminiscent of the sporting goods store of days gone by that echoes with tall tales, laughter and good ol’ fashioned “Good mornin’, how ya’ doin’?” as the door opens, and “See ya’ next time!” when you leave, Make A Wake it just that… adding devout attention to detail in customer service.

Inventory is not only based on what the current market demands and offers, but also fulfills the wishes of the local anglers wants and needs.

The racks and pegs are filled with products typically unseen in this area not due to secrecy, but scarcity and knowledge. That is, however not true when a product gets hot and sends Gregory into a tail spin quickly restocking.

Rods of various actions including the latest from Daiwa & Evergreen, catering to the latest fish catching methods, a reel counter with preferred gear ratios advised by personal advice and an endless selection of baits, line, tools and beyond fill the ample space within the new location.

From pond hoppin’, bank beatin’ weekend warriors, to tournament level tackle, products, and beyond, Make A Wake has the anglers heart in mind, and in stock.

See for yourself, or keep up with them on Facebook.

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