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Mansfield City Council Meets in Regular Session


The Mansfield City Council met in regular session on Thursday, February 15 at p.m., city hall. All members of the council were present including Julie Thomas, James Steele, Glen Hurt, Beverly Lyons, Sheri Hopkins, and Boyd Farmer. Also present, Mayor Buddy Black and Recorder/Treasurer Becky Walker.

After calling the meeting to order, the council voted to unanimously approve the minutes and financials of the January meeting.

The council then heard the city services reports.

Chief Michael Smith submitted his report which stated there were a total of 20 calls, three fire and 17 EMS. Smith noted that they were still waiting on the FCC to grant a new frequency (for the new tornado sirens.) Safety Com installed the system on February 20, and the new sirens will be able to be sounded off manually until the new frequency is assigned. Smith also stated in his report that the new tanker had a new tank and dump chute installed, and that he was awaiting new fittings to finish. On February 5, Chief Smith purchased a 2012 Chevrolet 3/4-ton pickup for $6,900. He plans to make a brush truck out of it since the department already has a tank, pump/reel hose. Finally, Smith noted that no city money was spent to purchase the truck, rather, it was paid for with Sebastian County Funds. According to Smith, all trucks were up and running, and that he had worked over 200 hours for the month.

Police Chief Wayne Robb then presented his departmental report, noting January 2024 totals: four citations, four violations, and one misdemeanor warrant in Scott County; three citations and six violations, two felony and one misdemeanor warrants in Sebastian County. For the month there were a total of 35 calls, 12 agency assists, eight in Scott County and four in Sebastian County. Additionally, five medical calls, five incident/arrest reports, three accident reports, two adult arrests, and seven animal calls. Chief Robb stated that they had 16.5 hours of training for the month.

With no further discussion from the remaining department’s report submissions, the council moved on to items of unfinished business, which included the approval of employee position changes within the public works department. Those changes were presented and approved unanimously.

In items of new business, a motion was made to convene into executive session to discuss a personnel issue. After reconvening, there was no action taken by the council.

Next, the consideration of raising the Volunteer Fire Department’s annual pay from $5 to $10 (meetings) and $10 to $15 (incidents). After some discussion, the council approved the following change in VFD pay: per meeting – $15 for members, $20 for officers; per incident – $20 for members, $25 for officers. It was stipulated members/officers must attend at least one event or greater to be eligible for end of year pay.

Next, the council discussed Ordinance 2024-1, the closure of Cole Street East of Bowman. In a unanimous vote, the council approved and passed the ordinance.

In other matters of new business, the discussion of a proposed RV Park. The council took no action on the matter but did decide to have a study session in the future to discuss the proposal.

Mayor Black informed the council about Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality issues at the water treatment plant. And, lastly, the consideration of promoting Officer Joey Bolin to Corporal. Bolin’s start date was October 31, 2023. The council would vote down the motion to promote Bolin, but noted they would revisit the promotion next month.

With no other items of business on the agenda, the meeting of the Mansfield City Council was adjourned.

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