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Paris’ Willams: a Great American Patriot

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When I think about our beloved country, I think about those who sacrificed their all for us to live in this great country of ours. I also think about those who live their lives to honor and remember those great patriots gone on before us. They are what makes this America, great!

Ed Williams is pictured with his daughter, and assistants (photo courtesy of Media Singh)

As we approach Independence Day, it is an honor to recognize one of those men, Paris’ own Ed Williams. Over the past several years, Williams has personally purchased hundreds of American Flags to line the walking path at the city park.

“Once he receives them (the flags), he unboxes, unrolls, and sharpens the end of each flag. He’s even made a special little buggy, with buckets on each side, to hold all of the flags,” shared his proud daughter, Media Singh. “Once everything is good to go, we go out to the Paris Park and line the walking path with them.”

Singh added that this was not something that was asked of him to do. “It’s something that spoke to his heart and that he simply wanted to do for the community,” added Singh. “He always says the best form of payment is seeing the smile on someone’s face when they see them.”

She recalled the first time they put the flags out on display. “It took us the entire day to place all of the flags…we were new to this and just learning as we went.” She compared that initial experience with the most recent. “Yesterday, Dad, his neighbor Ron, Harper, Mason, Zack, and the mayor and I were able to knock it out within 2 hours and 39 minutes.”

The benefit is not merely one of patriotic display, and beauty, but the gift of spending quality time with her father. “We get to spend time with Dad doing something that makes us all so proud….of ourselves, of one another, and of our hometown. I might have complained about growing up in a small town when I was younger, but now, looking back, I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world,” concluded Singh.

So, on the eve of Independence Day, we say thank you to Ed Williams, a great American Patriot!

Ed Williams and his crew of assistants, including his daughter and Mayor Daniel Rogers. (Photo courtesy of Media Singh)
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