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2019 Hackett Homecoming


The Hackett Jr High and Sr High Hornets celebrated their Basketball Homecoming during their game against Danville last Monday night. There were 12 girls between grades 7-12 that were voted by their classmates to be on the Homecoming court. The following is the court and their escorts.

7th Grade Maid Aaliyah Escoffier escorted by her father Josh Escoffier. Not pictured are escorts Dawsyn Clay and Rafe Gustafson
7th Grade Maid Harley Nunn with escorts Daytn Clay and Danny Robison
8th Grade Maid Abby McBride with escorts Jesse Seth Crone and Gavin Cumbie
8th Grade Maid Lauren Sweeten with escorts Jacob Garner and Tyler Pittman
9th Grade Maid Adisyn Clay with escorts Cash Oliver and Logan Slavens
9th Grade Queen Madeline Freeman with escorts Jake Fisher and Ethan Slavens
10th Grade Maid Brooke Holt escorted by her father Alan Holt. Not pictured are escorts Jaren and Jordan Johnson
10th Grade Maid Madi Taylor with escorts Aidan Nobles and Avery Hester
11th Grade Maids Hailey Reves and Anne Neal. Hailey was escorted by Tyler Satterfield and Jack Terrell. Anne was escorted by Dylan Kats and Zach Gragg
12th Grade Maid Audrie Chaney with escorts Brady Hester and Luke Patterson
12th Grade Queen Caitlin Sabatucci with escorts Bryce Brown and Anthony Collins
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