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3 Tips for Cleaning and Organizing Your Kitchen

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Your kitchen is meant to be the heart of your home; it should be an inviting area where your family and guests can comfortably gather and spend time together. If your kitchen is messy and unorganized, though, you probably don’t want to spend time there—let alone host people. But the mess doesn’t have to stick around any longer. We have compiled these handy tips for cleaning and organizing your kitchen that you can read below and apply to your kitchen. With a couple of pointers, you can turn your kitchen into the inviting space it was meant to be.

Know Where Everything Goes

The best way to keep your kitchen organized is to have a designated spot for everything. You should be able to look at a cooking utensil, pot, or dish and immediately know exactly where it goes in your cabinets or drawers. If your kitchen is currently a mess of items that can end up in any place, then empty your kitchen. This is a big project, but it will allow you to go through everything that enters your kitchen and decide where it should go. You may even discover a piece of equipment, utensil, or dish that you never use, and then you can get rid of it, giving you even more space for what you actually use.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Once you’ve emptied your storage and know what you are going to put all your utensils and other essentials, pause to clean. It’s probably been months since you wiped out the bottom of cabinets and drawers, and with everything out, this is the perfect opportunity for a deep clean.

But your cabinets and drawers aren’t going to be empty forever, and that means you need to create a cleaning schedule. You can do this by writing down all the cleaning tasks you normally perform in your kitchen and how often you’d ideally like to complete them. Then, get realistic and look at your daily schedule and weekly calendar. Which cleaning tasks can you fit in where? Once you’ve penciled everything in, you can keep your kitchen clean on a regular basis.

Use Space Creatively

You may think that you don’t have enough space to properly organize and clean your kitchen, but with a little creativity, you can enjoy a clean, organized space. Start by using all the cabinets and drawers that are already available to you. Then, analyze the space left behind. Are there empty walls where you could hang cooking utensils? Is there space on your ceiling for a pot rack? Could you fit baskets on cabinet doors so that you can hang dishrags and brushes? These underutilized spaces are exactly what you need to use to stay organized and clean.

Our three tips for cleaning and organizing your kitchen include knowing where everything goes, creating a cleaning schedule, and using space creatively. Following these useful tips will help you keep your kitchen organized and clean no matter what is going on and give you the freedom to enjoy your space. You’ll even want to host people and truly make your kitchen the heart of your home.

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