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4 Energizing Tips To Clean Your House in Less Time

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Maintaining a clean house sounds like a dream that we may never achieve, but ladies, there’s hope. When cleaning the home, it may seem like we must set aside at least three hours of our day to do so; let’s be honest: nobody has time for that!

We’re here to help and provide you with these four energizing tips to clean your house in less time.

Clean As You Go

A great way to prevent dirt, grime, and clutter from building up is to clean as you go. Are the kids finished playing with their toys? Ask them to pick them up and put them back into their designated spaces.

Help them get into the habit of cleaning up after themselves immediately after the activity. This way, you’ll have one less task on your cleaning to-do list when it’s time to clean.

Made a delicious yet messy dinner? Don’t wait until you’ve finished eating to start cleaning the kitchen! While you’re waiting for things to heat up, boil, or cook, wash the dishes—and ask your partner for help, if you can. You can also put away seasonings you no longer need. The goal is to spend less time cleaning afterward.

Let the Music Play

A great way to clean your house in less time is by listening to energizing music that will psychologically make you move faster. For example, if you listen to soft, relaxing music, you’ll find yourself wanting to curl up and take a nap instead of tackling the bathroom. Put on your favorite dance music and get moving!

The 15-Minute Rule

Many parents can attest to the 15-minute cleanup rule. Keep in mind that you’ll want to prepare for the cleaning itself to accomplish this.

This includes making a list of what you need to clean, preparing your products (try using a bucket to carry them through each room), picking your favorite playlist, and then, of course, starting the timer.

If you give yourself just 15 minutes to clean a room, you’ll be surprised at how fast you finish and end up with a sparkling space!

Take On Bigger Projects

Once you’ve established that you can clean your home faster than you thought, it’s time to take on the bigger projects. Specifically, home projects to do in the colder months. Winter is the perfect time to get big indoor projects out of the way in time for summer. You can complete big projects in less time with preparation, guidance from contractors, and help from friends and family!

These four energizing tips to clean your house in less time will help you get back more family time and, more importantly, “me time!”

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