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4 Essential Tips for Farm Machinery Maintenance


The success of a farm often relies on the success of its equipment. A smooth day relies on equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently, which means paying enough attention to the machines used. Though budgets are often tight, you can make a difference by carefully fixing and maintaining your farm equipment. We’ve listed out some key tips for farm machinery maintenance—you’ll be glad you took the time to ensure your parts are in working order.

Pay Attention to the Motors

Whether you use your combine harvesters constantly or utilize track loaders more than others, make sure you pay attention to the motors. If you want an efficient piece of equipment, then you need to look to the parts that keep it moving. For example, look to your final drive and track motors—see how you can repair and change the way your equipment works. When something isn’t cleaned, or when gunk isn’t removed, then it won’t run as well. It’s the same with farm equipment.

Lubricate Your Machinery

If you’re not lubricating your farm machinery, then you’re doing your farm a disservice. Lubricants should be used on all moving parts of farm machinery. It will reduce friction and lengthen the equipment’s life. We’d suggest choosing a high-quality lubricant to ensure that all parts are well-oiled. But before you do so, make sure that you clean up dirt and other messes on the machine.

Pressure Wash Regularly

As we mentioned, before you apply lubrication, make sure that you clean the machine. You can take this a step further by pressure washing the machines regularly. It may seem over-the-top, but pressure washing makes a difference in a longer-lasting piece of equipment. For example, if you leave mud on the wheel wells, it creates rust and erodes enamel coatings on the rims. Give your heavy equipment a good wash regularly (at the end of every day is ideal) to help it last longer.

Inspect Consistently

If you’re a car person, then you know the importance of inspecting your vehicle regularly. You pop the hood, check out the tires, and head underneath. You should do the same with your farm equipment—it’s one of our most important tips for farm machine maintenance. You can’t expect something to last forever if you don’t check it over often. Take the time to get to know every inch of your equipment, so that you’re better aware when something goes wrong.

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