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4 Helpful Tips To Turn Your Garage into a Workshop

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Private workshops are one of the best places to chip away at some of our favorite projects. Not only do they provide us with a setting where we can focus on the task at hand, but they also have enough space to accommodate various types of work. But there’s more that goes into creating a workshop than many tend to think. If you’re interested in building one of these areas for yourself, these tips to turn your garage into a workshop will give you a head start on the process.

Declutter the Space

First and foremost, make sure you remove all clutter from the garage before starting the transformation. If you’re using this area to work on projects, you will need as much space as you can get. As such, the boxes sitting in the corner or the power tools scattered about simply won’t do you any good. One effective method is to organize these items and move unnecessary tools into your attic so that they’re out of the way. Just be sure to check if your attic is suitable for storage purposes.

Create a Floorplan

Setting aside some time to draw out a floor plan is also a worthwhile tip to turn your garage into a workshop. It ensures that you can fit everything you need within the space. While this blueprint doesn’t need an abundance of detail, it should include all the major components, such as the work desk and tool cabinets. You may even want to include measurements to protect yourself from buying tools or furniture that isn’t compatible with the rest of the layout.

Install Additional Lighting

Once your project is in full swing, it can be easy to forget some of the most important features of a workshop—such as lighting. Overhead lighting provides you with visibility in your potentially dark garage. It’ll prevent you from injuring yourself with your tools and even increase the quality of your finished product. Therefore, even if you think you have enough lighting, don’t be afraid to add more above your workstation.

Include Proper Ventilation

Remember to build ventilation into your garage as well. This will keep air constantly circulating through the space and prevent any fumes or dust particles from lingering in the air. Depending on what materials you’re using, these substances can make you sick after long exposure. For this reason, additional air intakes—aside from your garage’s main door—are always beneficial.

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