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4 Things To Consider When Building Your Horse Barn

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There are many things to consider before you build a horse barn: How many horses do you plan on getting? Do you need the barn now, or are you planning for the future? You’ll find many things to consider when building your horse barn, and figuring the details out ahead of time is best.

1. Location

A vital part of setting up your horse barn is knowing exactly where it needs to go. You’ll want to make sure it’s easily accessible for you and a suitable environment for the horses that will live in it. Consider the position of the barn as well, making sure it gets the best angle of sunlight throughout the day.

2. Materials

Building materials are vital when you’re constructing a horse barn. Will you build the main structure with wood or metal? Metal is more expensive, but it generally requires less maintenance and upkeep in the long run. Wood doesn’t get as hot during the summer, but it might not match the aesthetic you want.

Don’t forget to account for the floors as well. Cement is an option, but it will be rough on your horses’ feet. Consider sticking with dirt or some light gravel mixture to provide proper drainage for the barn.

3. Layout and Size

Another thing to consider when building your horse barn is that it shouldn’t just be a big square. You want to make sure that your barn follows a proper building plan and that it’s a comfortable place for your horses. Make sure each horse has a sizable stall, and make sure the building matches up with the size of your location. Making proper measurements and creating a blueprint before you start construction will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

4. Local Rules

Every county in every state has its own rules for building structures such as barns. These statutes include how many horses you can have per acre or any regulations you’ll need to follow for water and electrical hookups. Double- and triple-check that you’re adhering to your area’s rules, and get the proper permits before you start building.

A large-scale project such as a new barn for your horses is a game of preparation. Knowing your new barn’s layout, materials, and location will make things a lot easier before you pick up a single tool. And your horses will thank you as well.

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