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4 Top Mower Issues and How To Prevent Them

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If you maintain a larger property, the state of your mowing equipment is vital to success. After all, these tools handle the bulk of your lawn management, and their condition will influence the quality of your results. However, even the best devices tend to break down under enough stress—and mowers are no different. If you want to get the most out of yours this summer, make sure you know what to expect. These are some of the top mower issues and how to prevent them.

Failure To Start

If you’ve had your mower for several years, chances are good that it could fail to start sometime soon. Old gas is one common reason behind why this happens, as well as dirty spark plugs or air filters. Because of this, you must perform any core maintenance tasks before using your mower. Replacing these parts now and filling your mower with fresh gas will ensure better fuel flow to the engine.

Power Depletion

Homeowners may experience power depletion in their mowers after some time—which can stop the engine from running entirely. This also stems from dirty filtration systems and an ineffective spark plug. One of the best things you can do to prevent this is to keep your machine clean. This means removing any lawn debris from the mower blades and cleaning or replacing the spark plug.

Ineffective Blades

Another top mower issue you’ll want to avoid is the dulling of your mower’s blades. Your mower’s blades will dull as they cut up larger debris. When this happens, they become less effective at cutting evenly—even something as thin as grass. Fortunately, you can correct this by sharpening them. Doing this ensures that the blades perform to your expectations and makes them last longer by protecting them from additional damage.

Engine Smoking

Some mowers start to smoke when they’re under a lot of stress. This effect is usually due to an engine overheating. However, it can also occur because of an oil chamber being too full or the oil lines springing a leak. If your mower starts smoking, determine the exact source of the problem. If you notice that the smoke is lighter in color and happening often when you use your mower, you should definitely get a professional to look at it.

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