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5 Ways To Increase and Maintain Cows’ Growth Rate

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Farm animals are unique creatures that require special care and food to ensure their safety and help them deliver high-quality products. Some of these animals are raised for a specific purpose. For example, different cows are raised to deliver either milk or meat, while others are bred specifically to reproduce in the interest of expanding a farm’s cow population.

These five ways to increase and maintain cows’ growth rate will give you important information on safety practices that ensure the good development and performance of the animals. A farm will greatly benefit from happy cows, as it will increase their output of goods, resulting in stronger partnerships with industries that purchase their products.

Nutritious Supplements

Scientists and researchers keep expanding their knowledge on how to feed cows so that they can gain weight effectively. Mixing the right food with nutritious supplements like cobalt, calcium, and protein will deliver positive results in the short and long term. Cows eat between 9 and 12 meals daily, requiring a great intake of vitamins and nutrients for healthy development. Alongside these meals, cows also need access to clean water at all times.

Keep Them Comfortable

Cows spend most of their time relaxing, which is why providing them with a comfortable space will positively impact their lives and development. Providing a clean space with grass, shade, and access to food and water is the perfect way to stimulate growth and keep animals happy. Cows enjoy daily routines, so having them do the same activities on a regular basis will help them develop a sense of confidence and trust in their careers.

Track Their Weight

Tracking your cow’s weight is essential because the results will determine whether you must adjust their food, begin tracking pregnancy, or provide assistance when they are sick. Having and maintaining a livestock scale is essential to this practice because it will deliver clear and accurate numbers to track healthy development. A weight shift is often the first sign of a health issue; quickly recognizing such a change will allow you to take immediate action to fix any problems.

Prevent Illnesses

A clean space that’s away from mud and other animals and protected from weather conditions will prevent illnesses that would affect your cattle. Preventing illnesses is the best way to ensure cows’ growth and reproduction because health is key to performance. Some signs of sick cows are eye and nasal discharge, coughing, and blood in the urine.

Reduce Stress

Stress can have a negative effect on your cattle’s minds and bodies, which could result in a lack of sleep and loss of weight. Reducing stress in your livestock will help them live a more well-rounded life in which they yield more milk, which will benefit you, your farm, and your business. Transportation is one of the main causes of stress in animals; sometimes, there is no way around that, but you can implement certain procedures like safe loading and driving to reduce the stress your cattle feel when being transported.

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