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7th Grade Lady Tigers Get First Taste Of Victory


Pictured is Isabella Escalante

It has been a rough basketball season for many across the state. None more so than the 7th Grade Mansfield Lady Tigers as they have faced game cancelations which have left them with fewer games than normal. Fewer games equal fewer chances to improve outside of practice. The games they did play were against stiff opponents who were able to outlast the Lady Tigers for narrow victories. That all changed last night though as the Mansfield 7th Grade Lady Tigers brought down the house on the Mountainburg Lady Dragons in an epic 12-10 win.

Mackenzie Robinson

A first win of the season is big for any team, but for this group, it means even more. Little known by many fans is that most of the players on the 7th Grade Lady Tiger team haven’t ever played basketball in their life. That means the fundamentals, rules, and routine of the game isn’t a given as it would be with many of the programs that they have faced. The Lady Tigers have shown though that they are willing to learn as much as they can and work their tail ends off to keep the aura of the Mansfield Lady Tigers Basketball program intact.

Carissa Vaughan

With their first basketball win ever notched deep in their belt, these ladies are set for more success. They have shown that hard work and adversity aren’t going to stop them from becoming great. The 7th Grade Lady Tigers will step onto the court next on Thursday, January 14th against the JC Westside Rebels in hopes to add their own bricks to building the empire known as Mansfield Lady Tigers Basketball.

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