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7th Grade Tigers Capsize Pirates Ship


Determination paid off in Thursday nights game between the 7th grade Mansfield Tigers and the Greenland Pirates. The Tigers were sitting undefeated 4-0 and through relentless willpower, the 7th graders will continue moving forward with that title in hand. After another almost complete blowout, the Tigers plundered the Pirates with a 42-6 victory upgrading their season record to 5-0.

#23 Trey Powell

Trey Powell got the Tigers score rolling with his “can’t catch me now” 45-yard touchdown only minutes into the start of the game. Add in Jeremy Stroziers two-point conversion and Mansfield took the lead 8-0. It was rough seas for the Pirates as a fumble allowed the Tigers to swoop in for the recovery gaining back control of the ball.

#3 Leland Powell

Strozier continued getting the ball warmed up with a pristine pass to Brandon Raynor for the second Tiger touchdown of the evening. Strozier yet again added the extra two points and Mansfield remained up 16-0. The Tigers definitely knew how to maintain the energy of a game. With seconds until the end of the first half, Powell tore up the field like a Tiger tornado delivering a 53-yard run for a touchdown. With Stroziers two-point conversion, the game went into halftime with Mansfield running the show 24-0.

#2 Brandon Raynor

Once the second half of the game got underway, it was only minutes before Powell was at it again with his lighting speed. This time with another 53-yard run for a Tiger touchdown rolling the bright lights on the scoreboard to 30-0. Greenland was finally able to put six points up but Mansfield was quick to respond with their own 16-yard touchdown completed by Towe, setting the score to 36-6. With 1:57 left on the clock, Raynor blasted in with an interception of the Pirates ball earning one last Tiger touchdown and closing out the game.

#7 Jeremy Strozier

The 7th grade Tigers are shaping up to be untouchable as they leave opponents scratching their heads trying to figure out Mansfields secret formula. Next, the Tigers will stay home and host the Charleston Tigers on October 10 with their game starting at 5:30 p.m.

#55 Toby Towe and #23 Trey Powell
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