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7th Grade Tigers Caught By Toe in Loss To Charleston


Even though it’s not “November” nor is it “raining”, the fact remains that nothing lasts forever. Muhammad Ali was 56-5 in his lustrous boxing career. Dale Earnhardt won just 76 races from 1975-2001. Even arguably the greatest NBA team of all time ( 1995-96 Chicago Bulls) went 72-10 on their way to the championship. So inevitably the Mansfield 7th Grade Tigers would drop at least one game. That game, in particular, was one to a formidable opponent as their loss came to the Charleston Tigers 18-12.

Winston Allison

Before the night of January 16th, the Tigers were undefeated in their season. But even after taking their first “L”, the Tigers continue to push forward with a winning attitude and over the top skillset. As the game tipped off last Thursday evening, both Tiger teams hit the court with engines revved and ready for takeover. Halftime saw Mansfield up 10-7 in a match where defense was the name of the game.

Brandon Raynor

Austin Ruiz owned the court offensively as he zoomed away with four points along with five steals and one rebound. Brandon Raynor set the hardwood ablaze with his defensive dominance taking seven rebounds and two points. Also gaining two points each was Cameron Pettus, Aaron Person, and Jeremy Strozier. With a combined eight rebounds was Pettus, Person, Strozier, Winston Allison, and Trey Powell. And Strozier, Pettus, and Allison came together to earn six steals.

Trey Powell

The Mansfield 7th Grade Tigers will travel to Cedarville on Monday, January 20th to take on the Pirates starting at 4:30 p.m.

Cameron Pettus
Austin Ruiz
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