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7th Grade Tigers Pull Off Successful Jamboree

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By Megan Hecox

The 7th Grade Tigers held their Jamboree over this past weekend and hosted to Hackett and Union Christian Acadamy. The Lady Tigers beat UCA 22-12 and Hackett 32-22. The Tigers beat UCA 25-19 but ended up falling to the Hornets.

Peyton Martin and Travis Tobey

The Lady Tigers came in like a wrecking ball in both of their games on Saturday and showed their competition who really ruled the court. They had speed and quick feet and left their opponents scratching their heads in confusion wondering what just happened.

Emilie Nelson

The Tigers had incredible hustle and brute force in their game against UCA. They tore up one side of the court and down the other. Union Christian Acadamy was fast but not fast enough for the Tigers who delivered brutal domination, stealing the win.

Dakota Langford jumping for the ball

The 7th Grade Tigers will take a few weeks off to perfect their skills and then they are back at it to play in the Waldron Basketball League on January 5th.


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