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A Brief Guide to Planning Your Farm Fence

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People on a farm always have something to do because they need to keep the livestock fed, safe, and corralled. It’s for these reasons that they need a place for themselves. The way that you can provide this for them is by putting in a fence. So you will need a brief guide to planning your farm fence to help you start this project.

Taper and Measure

As you may know, you have to measure and taper fences. You have to do this to ensure that you put them on a flush and measured plane so that the structure can naturally have the highest potential strength. So you’ll need to measure out everything from your wire to your posts and how deep your holes are. Everything counts in this build to make the fence work functionally.

Space Your Posts

Starting from all four corners, walk out your posts and set them on the ground. Before this, you should have predrilled and dug your holes in the spaces where your posts will go. Measuring things out ahead of time will ensure that you perfectly space out everything. It also allows you to flush and level the posts before erecting the rest of the fence. This will take out some of the stress and pressure you feel when finishing up.

Add the Wire

Now, you’ll want to unroll the wire. As you’re doing so, you’ll need to ensure that you keep the corner of the panel flush with the fence to ensure you put the lag screws and fasteners in the right place. It’s important that you have the right lag screws and fasteners as well before moving forward.

This will make a difference every time you come up to the next post and prepare to fasten the wire. What you’re looking for here is consistency in your fastening skills and the tension of the wire. Added to that will be how evenly you place things around the perimeter. Do this correctly, and all you have left to do is add a gate. And that’s all you need to know about planning your farm fence.

It’s alright not to know things so long as you’re open to listening and learning. That’s why we provided a brief guide to planning your farm fence so that you could learn how to make it happen for yourself. So enjoy the reading, and we hope you learned something valuable.

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