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A Brush Of Orange And A Dab Of Black


The Waldron Little League Football program is on a fast upward trend with no signs of slowing down. With last seasons success, great leadership, and the community backing them 100%, they have their heads high with Championships in their eye. Needless to say, there’s nothing “Peewee” about this program anymore.

Due to their success on and off of the field, the Bulldogs have been reaping the benefits of their hard work. The players dawned new jersey’s at the beginning of last season and received some really nice new helmets at the conclusion of their 2018 season. The players themselves will look just as good as they play. But something was somehow still missing.

A championship-caliber program deserves a Champions caliber facility. A few volunteers in Waldron stepped up and put in some hours to give these young athletes just that. With some physical labor and a lot of sweat, the Little League Bulldogs will now step into a “dog house” they can be proud of.

Waldron Little League Co-Commissioner Thomas B Mays said “When you think about Pee-Wee football usually Jared Kluthe and myself get all of the credit but these men and women work for hours behind the scenes helping us build a program. The Rise As One motto is just what we are. We’re a unit and we work well together. Dayna Mays, Charlie Allen, Tylor Hudson, Jerry Morris, Duane Blackmon, Luke and Samantha Aynes, and Ryan Brown. Our locker rooms are coming right along thanks to all of our volunteers’ hard work and dedication.”

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