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A Little Levity: Some Thoughts on Humor, Joke-Telling, and Laughter

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Contributed article by Vestal Hutchens

There are many ways to evaluate a person. One of the most accurate is to watch and listen to them laugh. A person who laughs well is probably a good person.

I’ve always enjoyed hearing, re-telling, and laughing at a good (clean) joke. In doing so, I’ve learned two things:

Number one: If you can learn to laugh at yourself, you can go through life with a smile on your face. I set myself up once for a call from “Belinda’s Massage Parlor.”

“Vestal, I just called to thank you for coming by Saturday night, and let you know that I found your socks.” The people and co-workers who pulled that on me really got a laugh out of it, but I laughed almost as hard as they did, and I told them it was so funny that if I had thought of it, I would have done it myself.

Number two: If you dish it out, you have to be willing to take it. I was telling “Okie” jokes once to a guy from Oklahoma, and he asked me if I knew what a pretty woman was called in Arkansas. I said no, and he answered, “a tourist.” (Sorry ladies, I know it’s not true, but it is funny.)

I’ve always tried to give “equal billing”. For example, version one: God was talking to Adam – “I know it’s lonely here with just the animals for company, but I will make you a helper, a woman. You will love it, Adam. She will be beautiful, practically worship the ground you walk on, do all kinds of things for you and with you.” Adam replied: “I know one thing God, there ain’t no free lunch, so what will this cost me?” God replied: “Well Adam, an arm and a leg.” Adam said: “God, what would I get for a rib?”

Example two: God was talking to Eve, “I know it’s lonely here Eve, but I have plans to make a man for you. He will be the most handsome man on earth, will love you, provide for you and protect you. However, there is one drawback.” Eve said, “O God, what’s that?” God said, “you will have to let him think I made him first.”

One final thought: Having a sense of humor is a good thing, all the way around. Not having a sense of humor is just plain sad.

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Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague
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