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A Pool Stick Keepsake and Treasured Memories

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Two officers with the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office stopped in to visit with patrons of the Mansfield Senior Center on Friday, January 25. Patrol Corporal Jason Morse would leave that day with a greater purpose for which he had came.

Morse and Reserve Deputy Harold Mckeown stopped in that day to visit and be a part of the community. “I went down there to meet more citizens of the county and to inform them that the sheriff’s office is always around and cares about them,” said Morse.

While visiting, some of the seniors began discussing Morse’s grandfather, the late Donald Hammons. Hammons was a regular at the center and enjoyed playing pool.

“He loved it,” said Don’s wife Leonette Hammons. “He also loved all the ones he played with.”

Much to Morse’s surprise, he was offered the pool stick Hammons used every day, to deliver to his grandmother. They asked if Leonette wanted it,” Morse added. “I told them she had talked about it before. That’s when they told me I could take it to her.”

Leonette Hammons was surprised and happy to have the pool stick, a keepsake of her beloved husband who passed away in May of 2018.

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