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AAA And DragonFly Athletics Announce Partnership


The Arkansas Activities Association (AAA) and DragonFly Athletics have announced a statewide technology partnership to streamline the administration of school sports and activities. Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, association and school staff will use DragonFly’s comprehensive management software for registration, medical records, communications, scheduling, and credentialing for all interscholastic activities.

One of the core objectives of the partnership is to eliminate excessive paperwork and processes, as DragonFly is a single, centralized platform to handle all of the AAA’s administrative needs. “We are excited to bring this technology to Arkansas High Schools,” said Lance Taylor, executive director of the AAA. “This will create a one-stop portal for our member schools. We believe DragonFly is the perfect fit for the AAA and look forward to getting DragonFly up and running for our member schools.”

Another goal of the partnership is to develop custom technologies that allow the AAA to have more data for strategic decision-making. “DragonFly is much more than a technology company; we’re invested in youth sports and want to help the AAA improve the game,” said Kirk Miller, chief executive officer of DragonFly. “Our software will give administrators the data they need in a timely fashion so they may improve the safety and experience of students.”

The new partnership is expected to be beneficial for everyone connected to sports and activities in Arkansas. “There are key people who make sports and activities possible, including administrators, healthcare providers, officials, and parents,” said Miller. “Our software provides tools for all of them – while creating a simplified, positive experience around previously mundane processes like paperwork. We’re especially proud that our technologies give athletic directors and coaches more of their time back to invest in students.”

For more information on the AAA, visit ahsaa.org. To learn more about DragonFly Athletics, visit dragonflymax.com or download the DragonFly MAX app from the App Store or Google Play. Since DragonFly will now be the new home for all AAA requirements, schools will be fined for not entering their data into DragonFly. Because of this, sports parents and/or players are highly encouraged to get their athletic information into DragonFly before the end of July.

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