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Acts of Kindness


By Jim Sher

An act of kindness is as important as wealth and higher education. Acts of kindness come from our inner self. Acts of kindness is proof of our good personality. Acts of kindness are priceless and cannot be sold or bought but to act in a natural way.

Acts of kindness can be in many forms such as being nice to others, volunteering to help others, saying wonderful things to people, etc. Acts of kindness can make an impact in human life, believe it or not.

One day I was lining up at the grocery store to pay for my food. I had only three items and the lady in front of me had a full cart of food in her shopping cart. I was in a hurry to go somewhere, so I kindly asked her to see if I could

go first. She said back in an unfriendly voice saying, “NO, you just have to wait for your turn.” I replied back, “Okay, sorry about that.” I felt sad because there are such unkind people in this world.

On the other hand, if I was that lady, I would always look back to see if someone behind me has fewer items than me, despite if I am in a hurry or not. I would let him/her go first. This is how I earn people’s respect and admiration. It

might waste a little bit of my time, but inside, I feel sensationally good because I have shown my Act of Kindness to myself and others.

Acts of kindness happen all the time in our daily life. Sometimes we know it, and sometimes we don’t. But most importantly, other people notice and see it. That’s what matters the most. I feel that the Act of Kindness can definitely bring us joy and happiness. We should set a good example, especially to our children.

Life is too short: If most, but not all, people can show their Acts of kindness to one another, I believe that many of us can live in a happy and peaceful world.

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