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Advantages of Driving a Low-Speed Vehicle

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If you have a large enough property, whether a business, farmland, or residential area, you may want to get a cart or a similar utility vehicle to get around. Many people choose a golf cart, but there are some distinct advantages of driving a low-speed vehicle. Consider some of these benefits before you decide which vehicle is best for you.

The Mechanics

One of the most significant differences between a golf cart and a low-speed vehicle is that the latter has far more features and mechanics that make it like a traditional vehicle. Many low-speed vehicles have turn signals, seat belts, and rearview mirrors.

Because of these features and the inclusion of a vehicle identification number, low-speed vehicles typically require registration, and the driver must possess a driver’s license to operate it. Different states and counties may have specific rules regarding the registration and operation of a low-speed vehicle, so it’s essential to ensure you’re following local laws.

Increased Speed

One of the advantages of driving a low-speed vehicle is that they offer more speed and horsepower than a traditional golf cart. A low-speed vehicle may be the best utility vehicle for your property if you live in an area with more slopes that golf carts might struggle to climb. Low-speed vehicles can often operate above 20 miles per hour. These vehicles are ideal for groundskeeping work thanks to heightened speeds and additional power that helps them cover steeper terrain.

Street Legal

Since low-speed vehicles require a license and registration to operate, they gain street-legal status. Many low-speed vehicles are limited to roads where the speed limit does not exceed 35 miles per hour, but they may be a great option if you use the vehicle to run to the store for supplies or wish to take it camping or hunting.

Compared to golf carts, many low-speed vehicles have more seating for carrying passengers, improved storage, and higher weight limits for transporting cargo. Low-speed vehicles are an excellent option for rural areas where a standard vehicle may not be necessary.

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