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AGFC Biologists Fertilize Local Lakes: Hinkle, Jack Nolen, Sugarloaf

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Biologists were sampling the largemouth bass population at Bob Kidd Lake in northwestern Arkansas when they came across a redear sunfish. Also known as a “shellcracker,” redear have tooth-like structures in their throats that allow them to consume snails and mussels. This rotund redear was 12 inches long and weighed nearly 2 pounds.

Several redear were caught, and all were released. Late spring is a great time to catch these fun, feisty fish as they move into shallow water to spawn. Plus, they’re almost as fun to eat as they are to catch, our AGFC biologists say.

AGFC biologists in west-central Arkansas recently completed fertilizations at AtkinsHinkleSugarloaf, and Jack Nolen lakes.

Scientific literature indicates fertilizing boosts the primary production of good algae (phytoplankton), which feed zooplankton, small crustaceans and fish. This creates more food for sport fish such as crappie and largemouth bass. 
The amount of fertilizer is carefully measured by the biologists and water quality is monitored during the fertilization period. Biologists plan to do a second application of fertilizer at Atkins, Hinkle, Sugarloaf and Jack Nolen lakes in June, and a third application at Lake Hinkle and Sugarloaf Lake in July. 

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