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An Open Letter from Jason Baggett

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In an ever-changing social environment, Resident News Network has, and will be undergoing changes to further the delivering of local news+sports content in effective manners for our growing readership.

Earlier this year, both Resident Press, and The Greenwood Resident websites were combined into one website, ResidentNewsNetwork.com. This was required due to, not only our online growth, but the individual growth in coverage areas. This move also helped with timely, and seamless content delivery. Our Instagram and Twitter accounts were also merged to coincide with one single goal.

While these changes were needed, it was the first major step towards focusing our daily content throughout social media, and interactions across all networks, with a prominent brand initiative.

More recently, the Resident Press and Resident News Network Facebook pages switched identities in a second phase of revising our online presence. The final step which will occur during the month of June, is to absorb The Greenwood Resident content into the Resident News Network Facebook page.

With these changes, and more to come, we’re excited about a promising future of further closing the gap of providing authentic local news+sports you depend on, and deserve.

Our newsprint and subscriptions will remain the same, with the only change being that of extending print distribution into multiple areas within Logan County. Individual branding, specialized coverage, locally focused content delivered weekly, is exactly what a hometown newspaper should and that is our exact design. No national headlines, no sensationlism.

Change in itself is sometimes hard, and yet always needed at some point. Each of these steps have been carefully thought out, and planned to ensure that our readership receives the very best, in the best way possible.

As always, we take great pride in being tangible, listening to our readership and making changes that reflect the best case scenario possible. Should you have any questions, or concerns, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.


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