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Bacon Cheeseburger Skillet


It is a rare thing at my house that I will cook a new dish, and everyone of my kids enjoy it.  Each of my kids have different tastes in food.  You can just imagine what it is like trying to pick a place that we all agree on to go out to eat at.  No one can ever seem to agree on where to go.  So, it is usually solved by me saying, “Let’s vote on it!”  However, I decided to try this idea I had for a Bacon Cheeseburger Skillet dish at the spare of the moment on the kids.  All of my kids loved it!  I am not sure how that happened, except to say maybe it was a miracle?  This is a simple dinner idea with not a lot of clean up.  That is always a big plus for me. 


1 ½ pounds of Ground Beef

½ a bag of Frozen Cubed Hash Browns

1 8oz bag of Shredded Mexican Style Cheese (Cheddar and Pepper Jack)

8 slices of cooked Bacon crumbled (should equal about a cup of bacon crumbles)


Minced Onion

Garlic Salt

Cavender’s All Greek Seasoning

Head Country Original Seasoning

Lawry’s Season Salt


In a large skillet, brown hamburger meat with seasoning it with the all the spices listed above except the season salt.  I gave the meat a generous dash of each seasoning.  Once the meat is browned and almost completely finished, drain the grease and return to the skillet.  You don’t want the meat to fully finish browning because you still need to cook the potatoes so the meat will finish up browning with the hash browns.  Once the grease is drained off the meat, add the hash brown cubes and stir. Now, sprinkle the mixture with season salt.

Cover your skillet with a lid.  Let it sit, covered, and cook for five minutes on medium heat.  Then, remove lid, stir well, and return the lid.  Let it sit, covered, and cook for another five minutes.  Once this time is up, remove the lid, stir again, and return the lid.  Now, repeat again.  Let it sit, covered, and cook for another five minutes.  This takes about approximately 15 minutes total to get the potatoes cooked and a nice golden color.  Now, once the hash brown cubes are fully cooked, top your skillet with the package of graded cheese.  Once, this is melted, top with your crumbled bacon. 

Now, you are ready to scoop up in a bowl.  Garnish your Bacon Cheeseburger skillet bowl with your favorite burger toppings:  lettuce, tomatoes, pickle and onions!  You can use your favorite condiment for your topping too!  So, grab the ketchup, mustard or mayo, and give it a squeeze to top your bowl off.  Time to enjoy! 

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