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Batters Beware Of The Mansfield Tigers


Photo courtesy of Kandis Howard

The (1-1) Mansfield Tigers traveled to Subiaco last night to face off with the (0-4) Trojans in an all-out Tiger take-over baseball game. Hitting hard right off the bat, little time was wasted getting the game started.

By the end of the first inning, it was a 2-2 tied ball game. But that was all she wrote for the Trojans. Subiaco failed to put any more points on the board leaving Mansfield to run the show. Ending in the bottom of the fifth, the Tigers walked away with an 11-2 victory.

Like a hammer to a nail, the Tigers were on target with their hitting. Connecting bat to ball with two apiece were Tyler Watkins, Cody Fudge, and Nathan Brewer. And earning one hit each was Seth Fudge and Hayden Henson.

Running faster than a camel to water in the desert was Tyler Watkins with three, Hunter Willsey with three, Nathan Brewer with two, and Layton Howard, Randall Claude, and Isaac Cothran with one each.

When it comes to stealing bases, you most definetly dont want to take your eye off of these Tigers. Stealing more bases than a pickpocketer does wallets, with a combined total of seven, was Layton Howard, Tyler Watkins, Hunter Willsey, Randall Claude, Nathan Brewer, and Zach Woolbright.

With their second game in two days, the Mansfield Tigers will stay home tonight as they face the Greenland Pirates in their first conference game of the season. Start time is at 4:30 p.m.

Schedule by Adam Hecox
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