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Best DIY Storage Ideas for Your Garage

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Living in a rural community can be great. Scenic roads, isolated communities, and jaw-dropping natural surroundings make it the perfect getaway. Still, it can cause proveniences with certain aspects of home life, such as home repair and maintenance. Finding storage options can be a pain, causing many people to toss or sell items they long to cherish. If you find yourself in this situation, consider any of these great DIY storage ideas for your garage. Whether you need to hang your hardware equipment on a pegboard, bicycles on vertical hangers, or sporting goods on a tiered shelf, these ideas will save you the hassle of routinely going through your belongings and deciding what to keep or lose.


Any handyman knows the importance of pegboards in their garage. They’re the perfect organizing tools for any garage to store tools and supplies. Using just hooks and baskets, you can keep your hammers, saws, levels, drills, and other supplies within arm’s reach. Label these items for even clearer organization. The best part? Pegboards fit large and small garages, meaning you don’t need a built-in workshop to have one.

Vertical Hangers

Whether it’s for bicycles, kayaks, or other large items, vertical hangers are some of the best DIY storage ideas for your garage. Vertical shelving creates some of the most versatile space for large or small items. Create notches in beams or poles to fit whatever you want to hang. Add magnets and clips for further convenience. One way to make full use of this vertical space is store items you use infrequently. That way, you avoid constantly retrieving these items without ditching them altogether.

Plastic Bins

This tried-and-true method still reigns supreme as a viable storage option. Plastic bins are great for keeping smaller items tucked away out of sight and mind. With many sizing options to choose from, you can label and keep each bin in a row for easy accessibility. Everyone in your family can have their own bin to account for. Regardless, your items will be tucked away safe and sound in an easily identifiable location.

Tiered Shelves

Finally, consider tiered shelves. These are customizable shelving units designed to fit in any space. Tuck them in corners or on your garage wall for camping equipment, auto parts, paint, hardware, sporting goods, and other miscellaneous items. Not to mention, tiered shelves are perfect for inside the home, such as in your kitchen, laundry room, living room, or bedroom. Use a tiered shelving unit anywhere you need the extra space. With just some basic tools and support brackets, you can build these units in just a few simple steps, making them an ideal DIY project.

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