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Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Planning a Funeral


Being proactive while managing grief from the loss of a loved one is not easy, but when it comes to funeral planning, it is a necessity. There are many logistics that need to be aligned prior to the funeral taking place, which typically happens within the first week after the person’s passing. Amidst the hurried organizing, it is important to remember these biggest mistakes to avoid when planning a funeral to enrich the honoring service.

Letting Funeral Timing Rush Your Choices

The amount of coordinating that must be done in preparation for a funeral is entirely strenuous when the time frame to do so is considered. Many of the choices made within the first week of losing a loved one are inevitable in the funeral-planning process.

Fretting over lack of time to consider your options can lead you to make the easiest, but perhaps not the ideal, choice when selecting things like the funeral home, burial procedure, and memorial products for the service. It is important to delegate funeral-related decisions to other friends and family members when possible, so choices are not heaved unto one single person.

Make sure to give yourself grace when planning a funeral. Give yourself an appropriate amount of extra time for planning if necessary. Whatever you do, don’t let the stressors of setting up a funeral push you toward making choices you’ll regret come day of service.

Not Exploring Funeral Provider Options

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when planning a funeral is to settle for the nearest or most familiar funeral home. Unless the deceased has predetermined where the service will be held, you must contemplate your options.

Choosing the right funeral home is a crucial aspect of organizing a funeral. Compromising funeral service provider quality for convenience is a mistake that can be easily avoided by slowing down and being mindful.

When looking to choose a funeral service provider, consider the following:

  • If they have the essential amenities for you and your funeral guests
  • If they offer the goods or services that you desire for the funeral
  • If their pricing falls within your budget
  • Does it cover your religious or cultural needs?

Overlooking Funeral Guests

While trying to adhere to what you believe your loved one would have appreciated for their funeral, it is common to overlook the importance of the funeral guests. Family and friends of the deceased travel from all over to say their goodbyes and grieve communally over the loss. Having memorial products and photo displays of the loved one allows guests to cherish the memories had with that person. Taking the time to make the best logistical choices for the funeral can make a world of difference to those coming to pay their respect.

If you are planning a funeral in the midst of bereavement, focus on taking time for yourself and the benefit of the funeral service. Though you can’t always prevent acquiring stress while putting on a funeral, there are measures that you can avoid to generate an ideal service that properly honors your loved one.

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