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Bolin Hired as Hartford Police Chief

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In a special meeting by the Hartford City Council on November 26, members voted to give Mayor Larry Hall the authority to hire Joey Bolin as Chief of Police.

The vote comes as former Chief, Keith Dedmon resigned after accepting a position with the Arkansas Department of Agriculture.

The city expressed tremendous gratitude towards Dedmon for his years of dedicated work to the city and community.

Bolin has served in Scott County, and most recently with the Mansfield Police Department. He assumed the role of his new position on Wednesday, November 27.

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Tammy Teague
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  1. How is this possible when Josiah Bolin was terminated from Scott County Sheriff’s Department for misconduct because he got caught along with another deputy covering up a DUI for a jailer named Nathan Sneed?? Unbelievable!! Apparently that sort of behavior is acceptable in Arkansas it seems to be!

  2. Correction to previous comment:
    I do not have any proof or know for a fact that Mr Bolin was for sure Terminated from Scott County. However, I do know that there was an incident surrounding what I previously mentioned which ultimately resulted in Mr Bolin no longer being employed with Scott County, as well as another Deputy and a jailer. Which seems to me to have all been kept pretty hush hush. And unfortunately, law enforcement dishonesty & misconduct takes place & gets swept under the rug and kept from the public all too often in this country which is a shame! We citizens are expected & required to fallow the laws set by our state, local & federal governments but yet certain/several police agencies seem to make their “own rules” and continue to allow their officers to not follow proper police procedures without any consequences. Just because a person was suspected, accused, charged or previously convicted of a crime does NOT give officers a right to lie, not follow proper procedure or be dishonest in any way in order to justify their actions or make themselves look good OR for ANY other reason. They need to start being held accountable for their actions just like every other citizen is! USA Today did an investigation that was quite interesting to say the least. Here is the link: https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/investigations/2019/04/24/usa-today-revealing-misconduct-records-police-cops/3223984002/