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Bubba’s Rescue Assists in Abandoned Dog Epidemic


Scott County is experiencing a tremendous amount of dogs that are being dumped in rural areas. Bubba’s Rescue, which operates a no kill animal shelter in Waldron is overflowing with dogs that have been abandoned, and needs homes, and loving families.
“We are always operating at full capacity and have to turn away more dogs than we can take in. We try our best to make room for as many as possible, but with limited available space, it is not always possible” said Tom Dunn
Recently, Bubba’s Rescue was contacted by a county resident that found a dog that was dumped on her property. The Boston Terrier has severe cataracts and is barely able to see. It would be impossible for this little dog to fend for himself. Dunn took him in and found a specialized rescue group for Boston Terriers in Oklahoma that can give him the care he needs. This is the message we got from the woman who found him:
“I am so ANGRY at the person that threw away this poor old dog ! He has cataracts and doesn’t see well – he is so miserable wanting to be home I don’t think he has stopped trotting,- sniffing trying to figure out where he is since he showed up here. The only time he relaxes is when I hold him in my lap. I have to keep him in the barn so I leave one of the gentle dogs with him so he’s quieter but he is moving constantly and my heart hurts for him all because someone decided to dump him – an old almost blind dog – you have brought fear and horrible stress to him – and a painful heart wrenching situation for me. I cant protect him or keep him safe on a farm – he doesnt know horses kick or tractors will run over you- so he stays locked in the barn miserable and confused so I stay sad for him and go hold him when I can and try not to cry when he drifts off to sleep in my arms and I have to put him down when I need to get other things done. Oh how I would LOVE to find who did this to him – but nothing I said to them would shame them at all because they are missing the vital part of their brain that registers empathy for the suffering of others including animals. You have NO idea the pain you are responsible for that I have had to witness and try to make better for a little old – nearly blind – thrown away dog. Just drive somewhere dump him out of your car and drive away – problem solved. Did you wonder if coyotes got him – if he could somehow manage to get to where he heard other dogs – well he didnt we went to him watching him wandering around and around- I will never forget how he tried to get to me when I got close – FRANTIC – SHAKING – but your problem was over – after how many years did you own him. As thin as he is I wouldnt want you to have bim back so I will be forced to take him to a no kill shelter tomorrow and all the EMPATHY inside of me will be breaking my heart – something you have no understanding of !!”
Dunn added, “We see it all, from severely abused and malnourished dogs to dogs that obviously had been cared for but have now been abandoned.”
Bubba’s Rescue is an all volunteer non-profit rescue that operates solely on donations. Their monthly bills run higher than the gracious donations, so more often than not, its board members foot the bills for these dogs.
On average, it costs over $100 per dog for standard veterinary care which includes vaccinations, heartworm test and spay/neuter.
Bubba’s Rescue biggest problem is lack of space. Their (14) kennels stay full, which has prompted Dunn to run a campaign on GoFundMe to raise money for a larger building.
Dunn added, “The more space we have, the more we will be able to help our community.”
To make a donation to the GoFundMe Fundraiser, CLICK HERE

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