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Bulldogs Blow Through Finish Line At Meet


The Jr High Waldron Bulldog track stars definitely made people shiver in fear as they walked into a meet. Placing overall First Place in three out of four of their meets, the Bulldogs meant business. In their last meet at home in the Bulldog Relays, the boys were some mean competition for the other teams.

Placing first in the 100 M Dash was Gabino Grano. In second was Joseph Rogers. Fourth was Steven Figueroa and Michael Grano placed fifth. In the 200 M Dash was Gabino Grano in first, Joseph Rogers in second, and Whitley Fielding and Chris Lopez in third. In the 400 M Dash was Marco Mondragon in second, Fernando Guerrero in third and Whitley Fielding in sixth.

For the 800 M Run, Baldy Villareal placed first and Jaylyn Matthews placed fourth. In the 1600 M Run, Baldy Villareal tied first with Steve Grano. Kason Davis placed first in the 100 M Hurdles. Peyton Lipham placed second, Trevor Hunt placed third, and Marco Mondragon placed sixth.

In the 300 M Hurdles, Kason Davis placed first along with Peyton Lipham, Chris Lopez placed second, and Seth Kastl placed fourth. Breaking the bar in all three relay races, the boys placed first in 4×100, 4×400, and 4×800. Placing first in High Jump was Kason Davis. Seth Kastl made third and Caden Husser made sixth.

In the Long Jump Jeremy Brown earned second place, Gabino Grano made third, Chris Lopez made fourth, and Seth Kastl earned sixth. For the Triple Jump Joseph Rogers placed second, Kason Davis made third, Seth Kastl made fourth, and Matthew Tegtmeyer placed fifth.

In Pole Vaulting, Matthew Tegtmeyer and Bryce Hattabaugh placed third, Noah Patrick placed fifth, and Peyton Lipham made sixth. In Discus Matthew Tegtmeyer and Steven Newman placed second while Brayden Houston and Robert Underwood placed third. And for Shot Put, Matthew Tegtmeyer and Gage Cox placed third while Patrick Poor and Lucas Nix placed fourth.

The Bulldogs are excited about their upcoming track meet at District on April 17 in Elkins. They are looking to add more gold to their ever-growing collection.

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