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Business Spotlight: Hackett Based “Goatie Girls Soaps”


It takes courage to step out from what you know, to try a new product. As adults, we typically fall into preset patterns around our home, our diet, and even our hygiene. With limited experience using handmade, or artisan=style soaps, we came across Goatie Girls right before Christmas, while perusing Belle Starr Antiques, in Fort Smith .
After using their products, we had to learn more of what it takes to produce this product. So, we were invited to spend a few hours getting to know what exactly is behind Goatie Girls.
After meeting Ginger Ballard, we could tell she is definitely passionate about her goats, and the products she produces, from her small farm, located just South of Hackett, Arkansas. “Goatie Girls” is all about educating the consumer on the positive effects of using goats milk products, especially the soaps, not only for health purposes, but for their therapeutic values. Both elements, we totally agree.

“Tropicana”, one of the Ballards herd at Gaotie Girls, proudly giving us her best side.

Ballard stated, “At the moment I have six does, and one wether. Goats are herd animals and they you should always have at least two.  The six does I have are all good producers and at their peak production give 1-1/2 gallons a day each.  Milking twice a day. So that definitely covers my needs.”
Goatie Girls is a simple, yet complex small business that operates out of a small milking station in the barn, then progresses into the garage, turned production, and packing stations. That’s where the real work begins.

Ballard added, “When I make my goat milk soap I don’t use any water.  There is only the oils, the goat milk, the lye and whatever additives such as fragrance oil, essential oil, honey, oatmeal, etc.   The goat milk gives the soap and really rich creamy lather that is very moisturizing.  And goat milk absorbs easily into the skin.  Goat milk is a natural alpha-hydroxy and naturally exfoliates  and hydrates dry skin.  Goat’s milk contains Vitamins A, B6, B12 and E.”
Goat’s milk is naturally homogenized, meaning it doesn’t separate like raw cow’s milk does, and is also easier to digest than cow’s milk.
Try one bar of Goatie Girls saop and you’ll see why we truly love this product. For the outdoors lovers, we highly recommend the “Bug Be Gone” soap. Remember, goats milk soap doesn’t go bad, it only gets better.
For more information on Goatie Girls Soaps, visit their WEBSITE

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