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Cedarville Senior Wants to Give All Students the “Chance to Dance”


Cedarville High School Senior Kennedy Vinson has completed many projects as a member of EAST (Education Accelerated by Service and Technology), but last year she started a project that is fulfilling the needs of many Cedarville High School students.

Vinson came up with the idea for her project after some brain-storming and sending out a survey. “I just started brain storming ideas. I have been a homecoming maid every year so I know how expensive dresses can get. I knew that Cedarville High School has a very high poverty rate so I knew it had to be difficult for parents to just drop $100-$400 on a dress for their child. I sent out a survey throughout my school asking girls if they would benefit from a free prom dress. After getting my results, I was certain that this was the project I wanted to do. I came up with ‘Chance to Dance’. I made a flyer asking for dress donations and I was overwhelmed with all of the support from the community. I partnered with the teacher of our Special Education class and made sure that all of her girls were able to get a dress of their dreams. Last year we had over 100 dresses donated and I was able to help around 20 girls get a free prom dress through out my school. To see the smiles on the girls faces when trying them on made my heart so happy. I couldn’t wait for this year!”

“Chance to Dance” has become even bigger this year. “Over the past year I also came up with the idea to have hair and makeup stylists come in to do girls hair and makeup for free. I have contacted many people and been amazed at the support I am receiving. Our community has always been the best at helping those in need so I knew that getting donations wouldn’t be a problem. One thing we are running into is shoes and jewelry for the girls. But I have also expanded to get free prom attire for boys in need throughout the school. Suits can also be expensive. We haven’t received much for the guys either so any donations for that would be wonderful!” Vinson adds, “Overall, my main goal for ‘Chance to Dance’ is for every student that is able to go to prom have all of their dream attire, head to toe, with no financial stress.”

For more information, contact Kennedy at the Cedarville High School Chance to Dance Facebook page.

2019 Chance to Dance Participants
2019 Chance to Dance Participants
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