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Cedarville’s Phenom Running Back Is Un”Kattich”able

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Every high school program has that one guy who is looked back upon as one of the greats. For the Cedarville Pirates, that guy isn’t a historical figure of the past but rather a history-making figure of the present. Pirates Running Back, Darryl “The Kraken” Kattich, has been the bane of defenders existence since he first stepped foot on the gridiron and going into his senior year, aims to not only be one of the best in Pirates football history but THE best. “Darryl has the opportunity to be one of high school’s all-time greats with a chance to hit the 5,000-yard career mark,” expressed Head Coach Max Washausen. “He is everything you want in a running back. Power, vision, speed, and durability. He also had perfect attendance this summer during workouts.”

When Kattich hit the scene in 2019, everyone took notice as he gained All-State recognition by rushing for 1,511 and 18 touchdowns in his sophomore year. That’s not a typo. Yes, a tenth grader rushed for more than 1,500 yards in the 3A-1 and he wasn’t even at 100% healthy towards the end of that season. As a junior last season, everyone was gunning for him and he still ran rampant gaining All-State honors again with 2,007 yards on 216 carries (9.2yrd average) and 25 touchdowns. Basically, if you need a reason why they call him the Cedarville Kraken, just flip through his stats. Two years, 3,518 yards, 9 yards per carrying average, and 43 touchdowns.

Football is an integrated part of Darryl’s genes. Kattich has played football since the first grade, he watched his brothers play while he was growing up, and his father coached him for years in Little League. And rumor has it that the family lawnmower even has plenty of yards under its belt. Sure, Darryl Kattich is naturally blessed with his skills and it’s in his blood, but talent doesn’t work if the player doesn’t work and Kattich is a workhorse on and off the field. When asked “What drives you to get up and train every day?”, Darryl responded, “I wake up every day knowing that going to practice is going to result in more team victories and will make myself as well as my teammates better. We have a strong backfield, speed, and the ability to take over in fourth-quarter situations. And we all know we have to work hard to reach our goal of becoming Conference Champions this year.”

Kattich with Coach Washausen

Although Kattich is a huge advocate of team first, he also has some personal goals on his hit list. To achieve a personal goal or team goal by itself is something hard to do to start with, but Kattich is bound and determined to succeed in both areas this season. “We want to be Conference Camps. Period!” Part of that road will lead directly into a home field battle with the 3A-1 perineal powerhouse, the Charleston Tigers. “I’m looking forward to the Charleston game because it’s going to be a great game between two very skilled teams that have rivaled each other for years.” Kattich has the personal goals of becoming the Cedarville Pirates all-time rushing leader as well as leading the entire state in rushing in 2021If the past two years can serve as a magic ball for this upcoming season, then rest assured that each of the Krakens goals is not only achievable but downright probable!

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